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Baby Christopher - Newborn Shoot

Baby Christopher’s Newborn Shoot

Location: Home

Our love for babies continues today on the blog, but seriously how could it not!  Baby Christopher is just gorgeous and we love his adorable little expressions. 44 more words

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As I held the soft, warm bundle that were you, my heart just filled with this overwhelming, melting, oozy feeling that I have never ever felt before. 991 more words


When All Your Friends Have Kids

Life is moving fast, you guys. Warp speed. Like, Speedy Gonzales meets The Flash. Like, the time it takes a Kardashian to file for divorce. 504 more words


Do toddlers need TV? (Nope!)

My husband and I have gone to great lengths to keep Miss E’s screen time to an absolute minimum, and while there have been a very few exceptions – we tried and failed to distract her with… 447 more words

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Traditional Mom or Liberated Woman?

I grew up in a household where my mom did everything. She cooked, cleaned, organized, managed the finances, kept the house stocked with the day to day things that we needed, and many more small and big things that would be too much to list here. 1,125 more words

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She's Still Got It!

Sometimes it seems like the sun has set on my good times party side of my personality. Not because I am just too mature, but because the endless cycle of cleaning up messes and trying to feed and put to bed reluctant children just… 496 more words

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Breast is Best, but What About My Sanity?

Drawing courtesy of mumoutofplace.deviantart.com

The first time Connor attempted nursing, he seemed like a pro. He latched almost immediately and stayed on each side for several minutes before tiring and drifting into an apparent satisfied sleep. 1,116 more words