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Rhubarb Upside Down Cake (but not really)

Remember when I said I wasn’t going to talk about parenthood anymore? It was my first time lying as a parent. My life is sort of like a boot camp right now, where only the fittest survive and you’re pushed to your very limit. 642 more words


Let The Kids Play

OK, so when I was a kid, we used to throw our trash out the windows of our car. Go ahead, hate on me. But in my parents’defense, it was… 293 more words

Rubber Wedding Ring

:: welcome to the world, baby Ryker

People talk about it, write about it, and show it in movies and on TV, but until it happens to you, it’s hard to fully comprehend…that moment when you first wrap your arms around your newborn child and realize ::holy crap I’m a parent.:: Time stops. 151 more words

Happy Littles

Week 17: Shots Are Stupid

I’m going to change up my “Ben’s Baby Book” format a bit – instead of days, I am going to post on him weekly. I always knew I would change this up eventually, and since we made it past the 100ish days mark, now seems like a good time. 1,418 more words

Parenting & Children

Half Time!!

Well at least that is what it feels like. Man was it a sucky first half. 

  • long pregnancy
  • longer labor (yes I know it is an exaggeration, but at points it did 
  • 260 more words

Navy Housing and New Parent Support

Congratulations to all of our growing Navy families. For first-time parents, your to-do list is probably getting longer, no matter how many checkmarks you have. As your home begins to fill up with changing tables, cribs, Onesies and parenting books, it can become obvious that you don’t have enough room for all of this stuff. 138 more words

Community Housing

i love couch.

One week down and one week closer to meeting you.

Some Saturday nights when Jason and I are out doing whatever we want, I really don’t want my life to change.  468 more words