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Day 11: Raleigh S

“Do everything with Quality. I either do something to the best of my ability, or not at all”

Raleigh ialso accomplishing a personal challenge and is spending the month of October without any technology. 10 more words


Day 10: Chris M

“I can spend a ton of time by myself and be totally content. I guess its kind of like meditating? Sometimes, you just need to spend some time for yourself. 51 more words


Day 7: Joshua N and Erik G

Since I’ve been sick for a few days, and unable to post, I’ve decided to come back with two!

Erik: “People see me as an extrovert and talking to people, and they think I’m being superficial or trying to be popular. 83 more words


Taken By Love: We Are All Different

 Hey Hey!! :D

Relationships most of the time seem to have been all in the name of spontaneity, whirlwind romance and people being swept off their feet in the blink of an eye. 335 more words


Day 5: Alexis G

“I’m a very sentimental person. When you have facial hair and are a big guy, everyone thinks your this tough guy. Really, I’m just a teddy bear; my girlfriend knows this the best. 20 more words


Day 4: Kathleen G

“I’m naturally a forgiving person. Growing up with two other sisters, I just learned that people will do things to you, it happens, and you’ll forgive them. 32 more words


Instadiary de instameet

Weekend-ul care a trecut a avut loc cel de-al zecelea instameet global #wwim10. Evident ca Bucuresti nu putea lipsi de pe harta marilor orase care au luat parte la #wwim10. 495 more words