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Blogging Assignment #3

I read a bunch of blogs with interesting information and photos. (there’s one of some VW Vans that I love)

The question is: How in the world our instructor will notice if we did the job or not? 69 more words

Blog Challenge


I’ve been trying not to think of you, RB. And thanks to school and new friends and new people, I think its working this time. Its good to be back at school. 152 more words

Keeping It Raw

Online Dating! Part 2 -Meeting People Online Offline

Hey Hey! :D

Safety first!!:D

I have already talked about online dating before in a previous blog post but this post is along the lines of actually meeting up with people. 603 more words



Ever known that person,
Getting to ‘know’ you,
But with their own agenda,
If they don’t get what they want,
They drop you like a brick? 39 more words

Online Dating!: Safety Tips :D

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I decided to do you another one of them lists ;op

This one is related to do the internet and meeting people and stuff…:O… 692 more words


Want new friends? Here's how to get them quickly and easily

A day at work, a walk at the park, a holiday in a nice warm country, a night out where you get so drunk you can’t remember anything the next day or a  posh restaurant, a bump on the street even a 5 minute wait at the bus station. 805 more words


Are you ready for a relationship?

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I have talked a lot about relationships new and old but I haven’t talked about whether we are even ready for one. When I first started dating and being in an exclusive relationship, I don’t think I was actually ready for one. 387 more words