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Why Do They Expect An Influx Of New Players In Guild Wars 2

As I read through all the Sept Patch stuff, all the criticism on various game sites like Dulfy, Reddit, Guru, PC mag, etc. . . I can’t keep myself from wondering why all the changes for New Player Experience (NPE). 476 more words

Guild Wars 2 Guide

Testify... (Stress Testing Crimson Intro Session - Spontaneous Gaming)

So, I’m currently on vacation in Iowa and enjoying some serious small town charm. I was surprised to find out that my hosts (two lovely ladies of a fine-aged grace) were quite serious when they had mentioned that they wanted to understand what this whole “gaming thing” was about.   519 more words

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

Metagame: Part 4 - Core Set Supplements

One of the biggest challenges to introducing new players to this game is the Core Set. This statement might at first seem controversial, but anyone who has played this game this for long will begin to notice certain flaws in the game’s introductory set. 1,924 more words

Lord Of The Rings LCG


First of all folks, sorry about last week. I have no excuse, I just completely spaced it. I forgot all about the blog until very late. 225 more words

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Politics of Gaming - Barrier to Entry

A little while ago a friend of mine linked me to an article about the issues that many new players face when trying to get into gaming. 1,252 more words