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For all the new players out there......

YOUR KILL/DEATH RATIO IS NOT IMPORTANT. I feel like, from personal experience, new players tend to care more about how many times they die rather than having fun. 35 more words

Just So You Know...

Why Do They Expect An Influx Of New Players In Guild Wars 2

As I read through all the Sept Patch stuff, all the criticism on various game sites like Dulfy, Reddit, Guru, PC mag, etc. . . I can’t keep myself from wondering why all the changes for New Player Experience (NPE). 476 more words

Guild Wars 2 Guide

Testify... (Stress Testing Crimson Intro Session - Spontaneous Gaming)

So, I’m currently on vacation in Iowa and enjoying some serious small town charm. I was surprised to find out that my hosts (two lovely ladies of a fine-aged grace) were quite serious when they had mentioned that they wanted to understand what this whole “gaming thing” was about.   519 more words

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