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Welcoming New Players: A Short Guide


Last night I went to a friend’s BBQ party, and  three interesting things happened: I broke up a dogfight (wow, that was crazy… 354 more words

Middle-earth Self Defense 101

Success in LOTR LCG rests on addressing a few key considerations. Mustering enough willpower to make progress towards victory is perhaps the most obvious and crucial one, but having a clear and successful defensive strategy is just as important. 2,554 more words

Lord Of The Rings

5 Ways Of Introducing New Players To Your Game

Bringing a new person to the table can be difficult. Especially if your players have already spent several sessions enduring each others’ close-quarters flatulence. They may have formed that “special bond” only prisoners on death row can understand– the sort of close-knit relationship that you (the GM/DM) has unintentionally reinforced by throwing hoards of undead Reality-TV stars at them, week after week, eternally hungry for manflesh and attention. 1,904 more words

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