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Another new play from the mountain west | WYOMING by Brian Watkins is Lesser America's next show

“Well I don’t know anybody that likes the past.”

It doesn’t rain much in the arid mountain west. But it sure has been pouring drama lately. 174 more words

Chicky Flew the Coop - But She ALWAYS Comes Back

Where the h*ll have you been?

(as if that asterisk does ANYTHING to make me appear sweeter)

Well, I’ve been:


Time to shake things up | Lucy Thurber's new play THE INSURGENTS comes to Labyrinth in February

If there’s one playwright in America you should be paying attention to, it’s Lucy Thurber. This pistol-packing artist shoots straight at the heart of America’s post industrial plight. 191 more words

When theatre matters, call in the ladies | Rebecca Gilman's new play LUNA GALE is "...thoroughly absorbing and cracklingly well-acted" according to @charlesmcnulty

Subjected as we so often are to theatre that matters so little – theatre that does not take on important issues of the day or connect with the audience’s actually lived existence – it’s worth remembering that there is still a heck of a lot of theatre out there that matters a lot. 430 more words

Still Dreaming

Check out this video on Belarusian Dream posted on the Bennington College website! Clips from the plays included



Not much of a story, old-fashioned | brownsville song (b-side for tray) by Kimber Lee at Lincoln Center's LCT3

A rare miss for the mostly immaculate LCT3 track record at lovely Claire Tow Theater. Cliches and overly familiar down and out story lines we’ve seen 100 times before are recycled at high volume and pace that borders on caricature. 13 more words

When a new play is the best show in town | YOU GOT OLDER by Clare Barron at Page 73 / HERE Arts Center

Superb top level production of a novel and rewarding new American play (by a Wenatchee-born writer) at HERE, New York’s downtown treasure. Reed Birney is extraordinary close up. 23 more words