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Not much of a story, old-fashioned | brownsville song (b-side for tray) by Kimber Lee at Lincoln Center's LCT3

A rare miss for the mostly immaculate LCT3 track record at lovely Claire Tow Theater. Cliches and overly familiar down and out story lines we’ve seen 100 times before are recycled at high volume and pace that borders on caricature. 13 more words

When a new play is the best show in town | YOU GOT OLDER by Clare Barron at Page 73 / HERE Arts Center

Superb top level production of a novel and rewarding new American play (by a Wenatchee-born writer) at HERE, New York’s downtown treasure. Reed Birney is extraordinary close up. 23 more words

In the kitchen with all necessary ingredients - except drama | GRAND CONCOURSE by Heidi Schreck at Playwrights Horizons

In a straight ahead urban New York setting, most of the ingredients for a story are there in a worn and weary Bronx soup kitchen. Yet it’s never clear why we are being told this specific tale, and the events portrayed do not rise to a sufficient level of consequence.

Thru Nov 30

Telling big stories on the big stage | An interview with Seattle playwright Robert Schenkkan

Seattle playwright Robert Schenkkan (@RobertSchenkkan) has had a long and distinguished career in theatre, TV and film. And at 61 he’s not slowing down one bit. 3,967 more words


Photo by Lauren Vandenbrook

It’s night on Spadina Avenue. Light, neon, traffic. You find the address. Walk down the stairs. Buy your ticket, go in. You’re in a large white room, circled by folding chairs, and in the middle of the floor, a bare mattress. 830 more words


Day 5: Final Dress


“Now is the begins of the borning time of the year. ” – Opal Whiteley

Tonight, November 5th, is the final dress rehearsal for a show that I have been working on for exactly one year. 267 more words


Dream On!

HowlRound is doing a series of articles on Belarusian Dream! This is the project I took part in last term. We performed, designed, and directed a number of the plays that are talked about here, including  42 more words