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I Laughed Today

My favorite laugh
Burns slow, I think
Rumbles the belly
Shakes shoulders
Reminds what a smile feels like
And reminds to smile
And reminds you to laugh… 69 more words


the meaning of life

a little boy runs down the sidewalk

pocket jangling and curly hair bouncing.

he runs after the ice cream man

whose cart bells clang and clamor. 40 more words



my death is in this cigarette

in this pouch of coins that clatter

on my way to the source

to score another forty grams… 256 more words


all the words are wrong

sullen isn’t the word.

embittered, perhaps,

or chagrined

might be closer.

beaten down but determined

to press on -

faltering but not fallen - 31 more words


Greening May

(Better late than never – since I seem to be doing a monthly cycle, I thought I’d better do one for May. I love that time of year, which is probably why it took me so long to decide what to write.) 107 more words


Going for the kill

You don’t look like us.

I’ll kill you.

You don’t smell like us.

I’ll kill you.

You don’t walk like us.

I’ll kill you.

You don’t eat like us. 35 more words

New Poems

Look Who Didn't Sleep (Day Three)

What quiet people see
When the group forgets to talk to us,
We watch lovers make beauties at the back of the sad-eyed would be’s… 69 more words