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Our Life in a Minute or So

I sit here
Wonder what’s next
This pain in my bones
Pulls me in
Drowns my soul
Way down to the bottom
I’ll drink away… 221 more words

Daniel Cobb

New Poem: "... just float."

… just float.

J. K. McDowell

April 2014

Flock flight skyward, wing beats whirl and the spiral

Forms in your field of vision. What you see is real. 142 more words

New Poems

One day soon

So much needed all around
I channel the energy through
Pass along the healing balm
To those I know in need

Wise I’ve been called… 112 more words

New Poems



Again, with this?

You go to bed gnarled by how long it has taken to see what is not there.
You sleep quiet, ignore the other half of the bed, and this pretending is… 175 more words

Zachary Caballero


I am drinking Vietnamese coffee
Iced, cream heavy
As the night
I need to drink

It is easy this time.
The girl across from me… 131 more words

Zachary Caballero

New poem in Tupelo Quarterly

Many thanks to Jessamyn Smyth and the others at Tupelo Quarterly for publishing my prose poem “Settlers” in their most recent issue! Very happy to see the poem find such a fine home on the interwebs. 12 more words



Gentle leaves falling,
Golden in the fading sky,
Drift across my window,
And broaden my lingering smile.

The smile, parched and dry,
Since you been gone away – 37 more words

New Poems