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the hardest part

Sometimes I’m asked

“What’s the hardest part?”.

A funny question,

with a typical answer I suppose.

Here goes:


It’s not that he left.

It’s not that I’m alone. 145 more words


The lonely smiler

stare at the fat man
watch him pour the tin can

creep up slow
on the tips of my toes
up to the fat man… 61 more words

New Poems

Poem For The Sunday Lectionary (Pentecost +13)

(Matthew 18: 15-20)

Somewhere between what is
and what will be,
between this present world
and a world redeemed, 276 more words

New Poems

Feels like

Falling out of love feels like:

     burning smoke in my lungs

Being a mother feels like:

     endless vibrating sensations

My body feels like:

     sweet acceptance… 19 more words


every thing

every thing is a song

but not all songs are of beauty

and every thing named beautiful

is at best fleeting.

joy is everywhere… 71 more words


I Laughed Today

My favorite laugh
Burns slow, I think
Rumbles the belly
Shakes shoulders
Reminds what a smile feels like
And reminds to smile
And reminds you to laugh… 69 more words


the meaning of life

a little boy runs down the sidewalk

pocket jangling and curly hair bouncing.

he runs after the ice cream man

whose cart bells clang and clamor. 40 more words