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Simple Ways

he said it in the simplest way possible
just a few words
a dusting of confectioners sugar upon the page

he picked every syllable with precision… 100 more words

New Poems

I* Unknown

in looking for a source of inspiration
I peruse through their booklets
their leaflets and novels
their chapbooks
I see a swirling of metaphors and analogies… 311 more words

New Poems

The Morning at Heather's

Seated at the table
Tablet gleaming white
Church bells ringing out the hour
Birdsong sounding right

Cup of tea
Breakfast done
Contemplating the quest
The day has begun… 19 more words

New Poems

Poem For The Sunday Lectionary (Pentecost +8)

(Matthew 14: 13-21)

He came ashore into crowds:
the crowds with little peace
the crowds with little joy… 214 more words

New Poems

Clicking of the Pen

“All the window staring
And the paper taring
And my scribbled out ideas
Of my lyrical diarrhea

The clicking of the pen
The stirring of the cup… 51 more words


Little Man Syndrome

Think you suffer from little man syndrome.
Threatened by intelligence, consumed by pride.
No less artificial than a garden gnome.
Colorful & thick on the outside… 79 more words


Boxing Day sales

This poem was a bit of an experiment in structure, and I don’t think it’s entirely successful. Lots of poems seem to use three line stanzas for no apparent reason except to make them look more like proper poems. 366 more words