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angels are not [appears in self-published book Chokehold]

grinning mouth of chaos,

alluring glass conduit to numb realms -

silver-lipped cherubs falling from acid sky

screaming, severed wings trailing behind -

silver-lipped cherubs impacting ground… 68 more words

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phantom [appears in self-published book Chokehold]


everyone hates me they despise me i’m a joke to them

they all want to laugh cackle guffaw point at me giggling

they want to belittle me embarrass me harass me they all… 213 more words

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i am [appears in self-published book Chokehold]

i am spiderwebs of memory and dream

wiped clean by broom of harsh reality -

i am rainfall soaking skin of human brethren - 119 more words

New Poems

Poem For The Sunday Lectionary (Advent 1, Yr B)

(Mark 13: 24-37)

From the fig tree learn this lesson:
budding leaves say summer’s near,
sign of joy in time of dryness, 265 more words

New Poems


How shall I hymn you,

majestic presence? Shall I

be the wide sea, and

weep, overcome in your vastness?

or, evaporate, seeking you?


  1. The origins of the word ‘contemplate’ are rooted in meditation on the sky!

  2. 30 more words

Inward (part I)

She fell inward

With long dancer legs
it was supposed to be a leap forward
a lily pond leap into another kind of existence… 141 more words

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Poem For The Sunday Lectionary (Christ The King)

(Matthew 25: 31-46)

The jittering snow flakes chase one another
in flight from the knuckles of wind

that sway the abandoned branches of trees… 256 more words

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