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Me ,Myself and My ADHD

I have had zero time to blog as of late. In fact come to think of it I’ve had zero time to do anything that I enjoy doing. 1,296 more words

Can You Prevent Cheating?

Living in a world where everything (and everyone) is easily accessible via technology has its ups and downs. Sure, it’s nice to be able to keep in touch with your significant other without waiting weeks for their telegram or their horseback arrival, but you will have to come to terms with the fact that they are just as accessible to everyone else as well. 855 more words

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My perfect match

I have struggled to accept the truth these past few months; that my 15 year marriage was over.

But by finalizing my divorce, I am clearing the way for God to work in my life.   226 more words


Getting That First Date

So you’ve found someone you are into. Maybe you’ve been into them for a while now and you’re not quite sure what’s going on other than that you are…well, … 590 more words

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Dating Your Coworker

Finding yourself attracted to one of your coworkers isn’t all that unusual. The fact is that work is where you spend 40+ hours a week. That means a solid 40 hours spent around the same people. 492 more words

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The New Land

The doctor said that everyone responds differently to radiotherapy. It’s not very comforting to hear that; it means that the yardstick by which I might gauge my progress is somewhat bigger than a yard and with indistinct measurements. 1,541 more words

The Value of a Phone Call

It is crazy what a phone call can do. Somehow, our generation has allowed our fear of talking on the phone to override the joy that comes from an actual conversation, especially when it comes to dating. 272 more words