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Book Promotion - The Magic of Poetry

Time for another book promo. I have offered the ebook for free to Amazon Prime Member only, about a year ago. And Publisher’s base cost price for the paperback only once before about 6 months ago. 827 more words

New Age

Women Guidance: New Relationship

If you’re in a new relationship, most probably you may be for the reason that story book stage where every thing seems excellent as well as nice and from this world. 826 more words


insert ideas here

we had another great evening on monday. just the usual really, we cooked together, talked loads and watched an episode of breaking bad. 

i keep having slightly panicking moments when i think ‘is this real?’ ‘whats the catch?’ ‘when will he realise he isnt that crazy about me?’ and i just really really hope that doesnt happen. 361 more words


Soul Mates

No need for me to go to the library. I have enough stories swimming in my head. From Winter to Spring the stories were taxing and brutal. 1,323 more words

New Relationship and the Telsa ElectroMagnetic Field and Torus

It seems daunting to me to try to write a piece about relationship in the new age. I have I believe summarized what I understand to be the major hurdles that we all are overcoming, in my book. 2,273 more words

New Age

I Am

I starting dating a wonderful man a little over 5 weeks ago now and the time has flown. We have gone on plenty of Harley rides (Don’t tell my mother) ;-), some sweet dates, celebrated his birthday, and becoming¬† “Facebook Official.” We’re now settling into a routine of when we have date nights, and what days we need our alone time for our individual stuff and I was telling him that I used to dance and maybe I wanted to get back in to ballet on one of the “me days”. 204 more words

no place id rather be

he picked me up from the airport, waiting in arrivals, and when he got hold of me he kissed and kissed me like there was no one else in the room, and like he just couldnt hold back, it was amazing, and just what i was hoping for. 524 more words