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during the flurry

of kisses, that

land upon my

cheeks and lips,

I lose myself

in the dust

of lovers, long

gone and forgotten,

and forget, for… 20 more words

Holding On or Letting Go

So I’ve mentioned that David is moving in a few short weeks, 2 hours away.. I haven’t seen him, so I haven’t gotten to talk to him about it.. 341 more words


Dating is hard

I’ve been single for over 2 months now and have been enjoying it. Hadn’t dated anyone and had absolutely no desire to either. I think being single/alone for a while is good…is healthy for everyone. 253 more words


Reading the story of Hosea and Gomer is heart wrenching. We see a husband and wife who fall in love. But after having their first child, Gomer begins to have an affair. 459 more words


It started with a drink (and a game of darts)

Walking through a very wet town, glad for my umbrella but not for my now sopping left shoe & sock. My converses were worn out a little. 387 more words

The Two Basic Reasons Relationships Don't Result in Everything

So you’ve met a phenomenal person you’re quite romantically excited about and vice-versa, and things are off to a strong start. While there are infinite possible ways to meet and begin a relationship, once underway there are only two possible eventual outcomes: you either end up together forever, enjoying… 800 more words



My plate is overflowing with to-do’s, expectations, work, more work, chosen family, birth family, household stuff, medical stuff, weddings & babies, pets, plants (pause for breath…okay continue), that missions trip coming up way too fast, when can I sleep? 672 more words