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"Marriage Counseling" Might Be In Order

I have been reading and studying God’s Word in the book of Revelation as of late.  I decided to focus more on God’s LOVE for us all, rather than only emphasize the aspect of PROPHECY–although that issue is also of importance. 2,159 more words

God's Word

Paleo Butterflies

The feeling you get when you’re in a new relationship, when you’re learning everything about them and you’re wholly charmed by each new thing you learn; you’re hyper-aware of everything you do or say, nervous to say the wrong thing or mess up this great new thing. 276 more words


Taking Back my Part of the Story

I closed with my last blog “dance in that light if we dare to care amidst our present strife”. It is so sad that dancing in our light is confusing for some. 2,223 more words

Heart's Awakening

Butterflies (of the Love and Dating Variety)

“So, I heard your boyfriend is cute,” my friend said to me when we got together two weeks ago. We hadn’t seen each other since last year, a shocking realization considering we live only 20 miles apart, and were catching up before an open mic event in the Big City. 701 more words

Divorced Mom

From the beginning...

I first met M just over six years ago, on the night of April 18 2008. I was 21 years old, he was 23. I was on a night out in Leeds with my uni friends, celebrating one of their birthdays. 2,320 more words


Two’s Company…. Singles Dating Agency looks at The Dreaded Ex.

Dating again after a break up can be a challenge in a number of ways.  When you’ve been with one person – for however long – putting yourself back out into the dating arena means opening yourself up to scrutiny, questioning, new experiences, different personalities and possible rejection prior to acceptance, all of which can be enough to put some people off before they’ve even started.  385 more words

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