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My plate is overflowing with to-do’s, expectations, work, more work, chosen family, birth family, household stuff, medical stuff, weddings & babies, pets, plants (pause for breath…okay continue), that missions trip coming up way too fast, when can I sleep? 672 more words

An infertility post, finally!

       Transitioning back to work from vacation sucks. I should take two weeks next time. I work all next weekend, so I enjoyed having yesterday off. I wasn’t feeling too great, so I slept most of the day,  I was up most of the night. 655 more words



It’s been 90 days.

Some people like to think there is a secret formula to how long it takes for some one to move on from a failed relationship. 377 more words

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Eight Years in the Making

If you asked me when did I met K? I couldn’t even tell ya.

It’s a bit complicated.

Nov 2006: Met K. Honestly, I don’t recall being introduced by a mutual friend, but apparently we were. 563 more words


Baby got me trippin

He used to say “don’t trip tho” if I got too confident and thought he liked Me too much or if I made it seem like I liked him too much. 139 more words

July : A Month of Dropping the Ball but Picking Up Another

So you can say it, I am the worst. I barely updated this blog at all this month. Where did July even go?

I will be honest, my sister and I did not spend any special amount of time together, though some effort did lead to quality bonding. 947 more words

Progress Report