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letting go

Thursday 27th November 2014:

Today I said goodbye to my house. It was an emotional mix of extreme sadness and incredible relief. Over the past 9 years it has been a home to so many memories, both wonderful and heartbreaking, and I will treasure the joyful memories with real fondness… 374 more words


Heidi Baker: prophecy of a new move of God in UK

The prophetic words below were delivered at Catch The Fire London on 16 November by the internationally respected co-founder of Iris Ministries, Heidi Baker.

I’m very grateful to Suzanne Payne for bringing it to my attention and for the hard graft of transcription, especially in view of the technical hurdles of linking it to my Facebook page (not compatible with my 64-bit processor)! 1,329 more words



Thank you so much to my five new followers! I’m so happy with how much success I’ve had in just one day(success can be classified into many different categories lol). 191 more words

On becoming like Jesus Christ

This profoundly important message comes from Mike Parsons. It’s reposted in full rather than re-blogged in order to emphasise its associated prophetic word and append a book cover and make some observations on four consecutive days of God-incidences.  1,658 more words


Revelation of God's Prophetic Timetable

Mike Parsons
with Jeremy Westcott – 

We are getting to the core part of what we set out to share with you. Everything we have posted so far has really been by way of introduction. 1,125 more words

Prophetic Timetable

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mike-parsonsIn limbering up to launch 3 years ago I referred to some things happening in the month of this blog’s launch and remarked, “It’s fascinating how events have cycled around and thus returned my focus to similar issues as in November 2011”. In that connection I strongly urge consideration of what Mike Parsons of Freedom Church in Barnstaple wrote earlier that month on Sons of Issachar. It has become increasingly relevant…

Confined to bed

A new appreciation fill my inner being as I lie in bed. I, the once upon a time, long distance runner, the trial walker, the mountain climber (okay, maybe I added a bit of drama here, but I did all of those things at least once) confined to my bed. 316 more words

Confined To Bed

Friday & Future November Decor

Hi everyone!

I don’t have much time to post right now as I’m busy at work right now (ssh, don’t tell anyone I’m blogging!) but I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Friday!! 149 more words