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Moone Boy season fecking one

"Wheres me jumper!"


Simple description- father Dougal (father Ted) meets drop dead fred meets Adrian mole and a wee bit of diary of a wimpy kid . 35 more words

More Mistakes in "Powers" Casting

With the (re-)casting news announced this week for the much-anticipated, live-action adaptation of Bendis & Oeming’s Powers comic, I just had to give my two cents: 350 more words

Existing Properties

Regarding Clara Oswald

The companion is the most important role inĀ Doctor Who. They are the audience character; they put the fantasy of the show into a modern Human context. 1,533 more words

Doctor Who

The End of the Hiatus

Looking back on previous posts, I realise it’s been over a year since I posted up Chapter 24 – Awake And Alive Part 3 of The Clier Path, so I feel it’s my duty to make this announcement. 406 more words


Unsuitable for dogcatcher - and yet... (new series!)

Elected yet unelectable

I’m going to start a new series on this blog, highlighting the worst of the worst in American politics. Specifically, I refer to people, not necessarily policies. 702 more words


Pain : Part 1 : Do we need to feel it?

Now there’s a question. I suppose the answer is different for each type of pain.
First there’s the obvious one, physical pain. Most people I asked this to said “Of course not, you crazy lady”. 1,365 more words

My Series 8 launch party playlist

Every time a new season launches, I like to marathon a few episodes that are relevant to the opener. With “Deep Breath“‘s transmission time confirmed to be 19:50, the schedule for my Series 8 launch party marathon is now finalised. 408 more words

Doctor Who