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Wendy Knits MA 2014

It’s late, so just a quick knitting update.  I’m out of my funk to some degree.  I’m trying to stay that way by immersing myself in the squishyness of some gorgeous blues/purples Melody yarn. 88 more words



In the term three CIT has been added to our regular lessons. I was slightly confused because had no idea what does it mean, but then my friend told me what is it about and that I have no reason to worry about it as it is simple but useful. 115 more words

English lessons

I am really pleased that we have English classes because it
is a great opportunity to develop certain skills such as debating and writing academic essays. 212 more words

Learning to Cook #2

During the past couple of weeks I have learnt a few new skills to do with Cooking which I feel make me look more professional in the kitchen despite the fact that in reality I’m still pretty close to my cooking knowledge before. 278 more words


Still Party!

It turned out to be the sort of party where everyone ended up on the front porch watching the sun rise.

The party was amazing. There was one of those weird moments when I feel like the actions people take is hard-coded into our genes from paleolithic times, and there were just people sitting around the fire, but nobody ever had to worry about whether it was being tended or not. 188 more words


How to revive an old vest

It is no secret that I love a bargain. My most recent bargain hunting has led me to realised that men’s clothing is often cheaper than women’s. 290 more words