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Easing Transitions

         Hey there :)

I thought I would reappear for a second here and share a few little charts with you that we’ve been using around here. 1,325 more words

Volunteer Spotlight: Lynne Brehmer & Polina Kropacheva

This month get to know N Street Village volunteer sewing team, Lynne Brehmer and Polina Kropacheva. Since March 2013, Lynne and Polina have been facilitating a 3 hour sewing class once a month in the Day Center. 622 more words

N Street Village

End of season 2014

The windsurfing season has ended for me this year unfortunately not from inclement weather but from hurting my back doing gardening, not very rock and roll, but aside from that its been a great year for developing my skills, I’ve been heading out with a windsurfer we met a few years back on the beach in Galö called Jukka, he has taught me an aweful lot this year and I definately owe him a beer for the time hes taken to help me achieve some windsurfing milestones, sailing upwind, waterstart, and helping me learn how to ge tthe board planing, he’s also taught me a hell of a lot about triming the sail and the boad and given me a real apreciation fot the the importance of getting the setup right and how to set up for the prevailing conditions, priceless knowledge and skills. 712 more words


Is this what I'm looking for?

I started this blog when I had the opportunity to be a content writer for my client. Yes, I like reading books but never tried to write before. 307 more words

Day 174: Change In My Pocket

The last month or so has been a big month for change in my life.  I’ve moved coffee shop locations and I’m back to loving my job.  773 more words

Daily Post

TERA Fate of Arun: New Class Skills

The Fate of Arun update is drawing near and I believe people are curious about some of the new skills we will be getting. The names of the skills listed are now localized with a quick reference video by  874 more words

Tera Online

For every rejection there’s another connection

Every dog has his day. ~ Miguel de Cervantes

The saying you can’t teach old dogs new tricks is limited by those who believe they can’t be retrained.

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