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Advent Day 22: Lego and princess tents

Up until recently, I didn’t really know how to play with small humans. They’re quite a mystery to me, having been quite a serious, thoughtful, worried small human myself, prone to spending hours reading, building a sandcastle complete with moat and dams to protect it against the encroachment of the sea, concentrating on slowly forming very tall drip-sandcastles, or playing Lego in a blanket fort. 151 more words


Again and again.

I am working on a new skill. I feel deeply out of my element.

I often coach people to learn new skills such as swimming, or strength training, and now yoga. 336 more words


Advent Day 21: I'm grateful for curiosity.

The last time I made a list of things I wanted to study at university or learn at a good school of some kind, this is how it looked (in no particular order and following no particular logic nor, in the case of economics, sense of aptitude whatsoever): 206 more words


Bookbinding and Box-making

ookbinding and Box-making are two skills that I am trying my hand at right now. I’ve bound a couple of books in the past. They were rudimentary case-bound* books. 81 more words

Arts And Crafts

Which Kind of Motivation Helps You Develop New Skills?

Recently, I was having a tennis lesson with a couple of lads whom I teach regularly. They are both fine tennis players and both love the game. 740 more words

Mark My Words

Advent Day 11: La langue française.

I hope any Francophone reading this will forgive my terrible grammar and anglicised turns of phrase:

Je suis convaincu qu’on est nés pour aimer chaque certaines langues.  275 more words


Advent Day 9: I'm grateful for meditation.

I never really know what to say to people who tell me that meditation is not for them. My first reaction is to think that perhaps they haven’t found the right kind of meditation for them, or they weren’t taught it well, or they haven’t really put much heart into practicing it. 183 more words