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Course Horse

Have you ever wanted to take a class but didn’t know what!? Well, check out http://coursehorse.com/   They have everything under the sun including professional certifications. Go ahead take the leap! ;)

Great Finds!

Swing Dancing Challenge Day #4: Three problems with practicing hobbies

The best part of the swing dance challenge is that I love swing dancing!

In doing these challenges, April and I don’t want just to try new, hard things, because sometimes living the good life means doing more of what you’re already doing. 320 more words

Clifford Stumme

Swing Dancing for Twenty One Days

The challenge

So it’s time for our first skill challenge! One unique skill that we both share is swing dancing. We actually met swing dancing, so it’s been a pretty important part of our relationship. 464 more words


Love 2 Learn

Love 2 Learn is an organisation giving people of all ages* the opportunity to learn something they wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to do because either it isn’t taught in their college, they didn’t have the opportunity to when they were at college or work got in the way. 54 more words

Je parlez vous francais?

In attempt to broaden my skills, and make use of what I learn in high-school, I enrolled in a Beginner French course at the Institut Francais in London. 174 more words

Getting Snap Happy

About 18 months ago I was given a very fancy pants camera for my birthday. I had been going on about wanting to take up photography more seriously for about 100 years, but could never bring myself to part with the serious money required to up my game and get some decent kit. 659 more words


1. Make a three tiered cake

Success! I’ve done it!
My epic baby shower cake has been baked, photographed and, thankfully, devoured.
I love this icing technique. It’s so easy and gives a really impressive effect that makes people think you must have slaved away for ages. 164 more words

27 While 27.....