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I'm grateful for playfulness.

Today, I’m using another optional NaPoWriMo prompt that isn’t making me feel terribly insecure:

Today’s (optional) prompt is to write a poem in which you very specifically describe something in terms of at least three of the five senses.

179 more words

With the many ways we have to express our business brilliance these days, it’s all too easy to get boxed in with a secret fear… 350 more words


Exhibition work

One reason I came here for the Museum and Gallery Studies program is because of the practical work putting on an exhibition.  It’s what the program is known for. 328 more words


Learning New Skills

For someone who has always been told and taught to believe I couldn’t do anything with my fingers, well, I am happy to report that after years or not believing in my abilities and capacities, I am feeling much better :) 18 more words

Treating The Room & First Sessions

I’ll start by saying I’m not done.  I’m still waiting on my console to get fixed up but I had a few projects who’s owners were getting ancy so I got everything but the console ready and started doing some recording! 436 more words


Coming soon

Been toying with a new style of inking for the last few days and this is the 1st attempt at putting these ideas into a actual piece… … 6 more words


I'm grateful for free public lectures.

Like building
Blocks of courage
Or planting sleepy seeds
That sprout in the Spring
And crowd out all the weeds
That spoon-fed schools and students bring… 27 more words