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Mess with the Seagulls and the Sea gets angry

This picture was taken at 6:34am. 6 minutes before the following video (Youtube link below). Do you see that yellow painted wall with pictures of fish on it? 144 more words

Port Kembla Calling 3

I am very happy about <This video> shot on Sunday morning at Port Kembla beach. This post, then, is mostly about Port Kembla’s main beach, which is not the same as the beach facing the industrial side. 692 more words

Tragic Night Off Dunbar Rock

This week, with the weather being wild and woolly, the Past Present is focussing on one of the most spectacular areas of Sydney in which to watch waves, but also one which is associated with shipwrecks. 318 more words

New South Wales

Port Kembla Calling Part 2

So this is the picture of Hill 60 in Port Kembla. You can see the viewpoint up there. The nighttime pictures in the previous post were taken from up there. 322 more words