Turning 2: Expectations and Independence

I’ve always heard that a change occurs when your child turns two, and I could never really understand what happens. Until now.

My toddler turned two a month ago and it’s like something happened a couple of weeks ago and he entered a new phase. 551 more words


The Bolshoi Theatre New Stage

A collection of photos from outing to the Bolshoi Theatre New Stage to see ‘Evgenii Onegin‘ – a timeless Russian classic by Alexander Pushkin. 98 more words


Read this.

I need solitude sometimes. By sometimes, I mean a lot of the time. Things get overwhelming sometimes and I need to escape away with my records or into the woods somewhere. 236 more words

Super Smash Bros. Gets a New Stage! 3DS

Lumiose City from Pokemon X and Y will now be a playable stage in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. game for the Nintendo 3DS. The stage was recently posted up on the… 110 more words

Nintendo 3DS