Stages: From Work to Partnership... Saying Yes to Life!

Hi everyone and welcome to this wonderful journey of celebration… Acknowledging the changes and Stages of Life!

Meet the younger spirit JOYCE, full of vision, curiosity and eager to live… and the eternal dreamer NANNETTE reclaiming the vision, curiosity and eagerness to live in this new stage of Life. 56 more words

Covered in black.

A lot of change has come my way the last few months. I lost my job. I received not one, but two medical diagnoses that brought about some major life alterations. 468 more words


To write.

I’ve been writing in two journals before bed.

A prayer journal. I get so distracted when praying, it helps to see what I’m telling God. 71 more words


The next stage.......

Its been a while a while since I provided a update.

The divorce paperwork came back from the courts, so everything is final. ¬†That makes me sad…….and after talking to my wife, she has stated that we’re better as friends. ¬† 260 more words


Everything we had / Todo lo que tuvimos

My last week of scool, lots of works, a Japanesse exam the next week and the love of my life out of my life, everything looks so… strange, I started my University beside the most wonderful person I would like to end everything by his side, tell him that everything was a dream … a bad dream that both of us had, because I know… Im pretty sure that we belong together, HE is the only gentle face that I know the only one that trate me as the same, no more nor less, the same as him, for him I learned that I can trust some people, that I can be my self withouth being trated like a little girl or a person with problems, just being me a person with monsters chasing her trying to bite her. 348 more words