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Free Friday! Free Friday! No, not THAT Friday, THIS Friday...

After six weeks, seven support calls, five technicians and two psychotherapy sessions, I finally worked through Amazon’s Kindle promotion program and am (very) pleased to offer a… 185 more words

New Stuff

Future Projects

I am thinking about a new project. Yes, I have two with Idun going now, one large one left over from last year’s NANO, one that is barely an idea, and one with another friend, not counting the two that are group projects just for fun.   132 more words


New skates update

Last time I wrote I was harping on about the imminent arrival of my new skates. In the meantime, my new skates have arrived and have been tested, leaving me with a little bit of a bittersweet taste in my mouth. 874 more words

Roller Derby

She knows

She knows


My lips


For the touch

Of hers,

Pressed softly,

Or fiercely,

Or quietly,

Or hurriedly,

Or inappropriately

Against mine.

She aches… 76 more words



I’m going

To bury


In a field

In my mind-

Some fertile


With plenty

Of light,

Good drainage,

And nutrient-rich soil.

Let the ideas… 23 more words


Azealia Banks releases first single since splitting from label

Rapper Azealia Banks has spent more time over the past couple years starting Internet beefs than putting out music, but after her recent split with Universal Music Group she seems to be turning that around. 177 more words


New features (DocuSign, SalesForce.com, etc) and events (Ask the Experts) oh my!

Between a fair amount of events (SKO’s, WPC and more!), I’ve been all over the place the past few weeks but I felt now would be a great time to stop and synthesize (Good Lord, how I love corporate double speak!) all of the great stuff I’ve been exposed to over the past month with everyone! 404 more words