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30 Day Challenge Day 24!

Day 24

Write a story about a victimizer and a victim… in which the person who appears

to be the victim is really the victimizer, and the person who appears to be the… 453 more words


30 Day Challenge Day 23!

Day 23

One night your character decides to leave home and never come back (you

decide the reason). But at the airport, he or she encounters an old friend, and… 1,118 more words


Staging reality

I feel like forced into a play,
I never made a decision
to take part in. 163 more words


New stuff from Black Moth: "Condemned To Hope"

As mentioned before, there’s a very cool Youtube channel called MrStonebeliever, that is out there sharing some very cool stoner, doom, sludge metal to the masses. 143 more words

New Stuff

The process

This is how you should live your life.

Think about it.

New Stuff

Dimitri Vegas, Martin Garrix, Like Mike - Tremor (T25's Festival Trap Bootleg) TEASER by T25 Music


Yeah so new stuff coming soon.

So like, not always making trap now, but I love making it and this was dope so I’ll keep it going. 53 more words


Phewww!!! Long time no talk!

Man it has been A WHILE! I have been busy with the last few weeks of class, an awesome visit from my mom, and my and my main man’s 2 year anniversary (even though he is on the big ol’ boat far far away!). 19 more words