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Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks

So everyone has been raving about these lipsticks from Gerard Cosmetics, I already have 1995 but they are currently having a sale that I could not pass up so I decided to go ahead and get the rest of them. 88 more words


Cowl 021 - Northern Lights

On a matte black background x shimmering glints of blues, greens and taupes from a gorgeous ball of Noro Silk Garden Lite. The colours pop and are showcased on the dark, smoky backdrop. 73 more words


Cowl 020 - Sunny D

Bright, bold, sunny tumeric yellow roving wool x Debbie Bliss Milano with flecks of cherry red. Eye-catching, optimistic and juicy, a beautiful addition to your autumn-winter wardrobe :) 82 more words


The Little Things

Bad days are the bane of my existence. Bad days turn into bad weeks and bad weeks turn into bad months, and October, my dear readers, is a bad month. 287 more words


Three mascaras

I’ve done some shopping this week, and I’ll break the stuff I bought down into several posts starting with mascaras. I’m usually not very experimental when it comes to mascara; when I find a mascara I really like I usually stick to that one. 177 more words


A New Chapter

I love new stuff. Even if the old stuff is great most of the time I’ll pick the shiny new option over whatever else. Call me a product of my generation, blame it on my ___________ personality type if you want, I like exciting and unknown more than familiar and routine. 209 more words


Enough already

Enough already-

Just shut up

And kiss


So we can

Move on

And start


At each other’s


And bodies.

I don’t

Want… 99 more words