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30 Day Challenge Day 8!

Day 8

Hemingway was once challenged to write a story in only six words. The

heartbreaking result: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” Write a ghost story or… 31 more words


30 Day Challenge Day 7!

Day 7

Your character gets a call from someone asking to talk to “David.” “You have

the wrong number,” your character says. But instead of hanging up, the caller… 581 more words


30 Day Challenge Day 6!

Day 6

Write a story that includes: twins, a 12-layer cake, a house that seems to be

Haunted but isn’t…

  579 more words


New song from Primitive Man: “Loathe”

Relapse Records said: “Courtesy of Trve Brewing and Flatline Audio, the doom-spreaders of PRIMITIVE MAN have made available a new track, which is due to appear on their 2015 EP via Relapse Records. 55 more words

New Stuff

The day of Birth of Brothers

Lil bros had their eleventh celebration, choice of park took us to New Forest Wakepark.  Still not my favourite, Liquid beats all!

New Stuff

30 Day Challenge Day 5!

Yikes, had to go back to the office after Pilates tonight!  Thought I might have to miss today’s, but here it is. 

Day 5


Your character has a date but decides not to show up. 1,560 more words