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Dingshan Shell Temple (頂山貝殼廟)

Date: 2013-12-07

Address: No. 69, Erpingding, Sanzhi Dist., New Taipei City

Dingshan Shell Temple stands on the hill of Sanzhi for about 20 years. It is famous because the temple is built with corals and shells. 113 more words


Hohaiyan Rock Festival 貢寮國際海洋音樂祭: Bands on the Beach

Is there a better place for a music festival than on a beach?  It’s hard to beat warm sand, cool waves, fried food, and loud music.  442 more words


Superheroes in Taiwan: Photos of Imported Defenders

As a kid, superheroes were mostly constrained to comic books and Saturday morning cartoons.  Now, they are the focus of $250 million films and you can find them plastered on anything.  231 more words


Pinglin 坪林: A World of Tea

There are few places in Taiwan as tea crazy as Pinglin 坪林 in New Taipei City.  I don’t think I saw a single building that didn’t have the Chinese character for tea on it while I was there.  578 more words


Taipei's National Palace Museum: What on EARTH are they thinking...?

(click here for the full story)

First they tried to charge hikers to use the new Paiyun Hut on Yushan (Taiwan’s highest mountain; which is fair enough), but then decided to… 367 more words

New Taipei City

Pingxi Line 平溪線: An All-Day Escape

One of the most popular day trips from Taipei is spending an afternoon riding the Pingxi Line 平溪線.  It is a special branch line in New Taipei City that you can transfer to from Ruifang Station.  855 more words


Shenkeng 深坑: Eat Tofu Ice Cream Under a Waterfall

Shenkeng District 深坑區 in New Taipei City is known all over Taiwan for tofu.  I’m personally not a big fan of tofu, I’ll eat it if I have to, but I rarely look forward to it.  541 more words