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Absolutely Oriented.... Or Not

PREO, or Pre-Employment Orientation, was yesterday. I had been anxiously awaiting this for weeks after accepting my new position. I had hoped that this would be an opportunity to learn about the school district, my benefit options, the new curriculum (based on Common Core, which I don’t hate. 478 more words

New Teacher

Absolutely Hired

So you’ve got a statement of eligibility. Getting a job shouldn’t be too hard now, right? I mean, everyone is always talking about how there aren’t enough teachers. 641 more words

New Teacher

Absolutely Qualified

Getting certified is the first step in becoming a teacher. Every state has different requirements, but the process is fairly similar everywhere to my knowledge. In my opinion the best way to go about becoming a teacher is to get a degree in education. 363 more words

New Teacher

Absolute Beginning

When I was young and someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I remember responding, “a dinosaur”. The answer to that question changed frequently over the years. 286 more words

New Teacher

The Beginnings of Blogging

I’m at a very interesting place in my life, while not necessarily an uncommon place, it was the inspiration for this blog. I actually made the blog, picked out the color, made up a title back in February. 348 more words


Gearing Up and Settling Down

And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been
- Rainer Maria Rilke

     The summer is winding down and the school supplies on everywhere we seem to look. 653 more words


It begins!

School is just around the corner and I am beyond excited to begin my first year as a teacher!  I have waited for this day for 15 years.  119 more words

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