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Matthew 10:1-25 -- Trying to be loved by all

I was reading Matthew 10 with my wife last night, and I realized that I had meant to come back to this passage in a bit more detail, and never did.   525 more words


Jacob's Love Should Be Our Love (Kent Heaton)

Jacob’s Love Should Be Our Love 

It is not the most romantic way to get married but considering the customs of the day and the fact that an 84 year old man was willing to work seven years to marry; it is a true love story. 1,130 more words

Our daily bread

Reading: Matthew 6:11

“Give us today our daily bread.”

Not our weekly bread, or monthly bread, or yearly bread—but our daily bread. Lest the next time we call on Him is next week, or month, or year. 253 more words

New Testament

Matthew 1:1-25: In the year of Jubilee? — R.S. Notley

Considerable ink has been spilled regarding Matthew’s selection of the individuals in his genealogy (including three women – Tamar, Rahab and Ruth), and the differences between his list that of Luke 3:23-38.  756 more words

Second Temple Period

Rice on God's Methodology

From The Openness of God:

These incidents indicate that human intercession can influence God’s actions. They show that God’s intentions are not absolute and invariant; he does not unilaterally and irrevocably decide what to do.

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Old Testament

Garden Variety Courage (part 2)

In my first post I began a study of Luke 22:39-46 by examining how Jesus demonstrated courage in His darkest hour by facing His reality. In this post I want to focus on how Jesus demonstrated courage in His darkest hour by falling to His knees in prayer… 1,331 more words


Out with the Old & In with the New

Here is a topic that I have touched on before, but I think that I need to discuss it in a little more detail, as there seems to be a lot of confusion. 842 more words