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#13 I Went Vegan For The Day (Sam's 50 New Things Challenge)

So to those that don’t know what being vegan is- they don’t eat any animal products or use any animal products. My friend Grace (bentobuff.wordpress.com) is vegan, so today whilst hanging out with her I figured why not for my challenge. 79 more words

Starting somewhere...

How about right here?

The key to starting anything is starting it. Hah! Easier said than done, of course. This idea of a Little Victories blog has been kicking around in my head for a while. 117 more words

New Things


You can go right ahead and file this one under #cleantreats.

Finding a sweet treat to satisfy that after dinner craving when you’re an avid follower of a clean eating plan can be a daily battle. 259 more words

Musing over Mystery

Mystery is the M theme of the day, mostly because I’m a little enchanted with it at the moment. I recently released my first true mystery,  243 more words


Challenge by Karen Berg

Internal: Change Your Consciousness

Find an area in your life where you are very stubborn. Visualize what would happen if you were to let go of that stubbornness. 90 more words

Everyday Life

Week 6: Spanish or Espanol

Un cerveza por favor! Uno mas. Dos mas….

If you could google terms in my Spanish dialect, these would automatically prepopulate as most frequent words used during my week in the Dominican Republic. 460 more words

Bucket List

(Okay I know, I know, so many cheesy posts)

Noticing the little things:

But! Followers! I just took my first tango class.

I went to a movie on saturday.

I’m going to a talent show tomorrow. 90 more words