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My thoughts on the cloud hack (NSFW)

My thing is this

If you are famous and you DO take nude or sex pics and vids, and upload them to a cloud based system. 77 more words

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week one: run rabbit run rabbit... walk walk walk?

Whilst we’re on the subject of resolutions, I should probably comment on the baseline for my other Big One, which is the whole running thing. 275 more words


Being thrown into the world of food allergies

I love food, so when it came to introducing solid foods to our baby, I was quite excited to be able to share something that I loved with a person who I loved. 529 more words


Letter to Louis | Four Months

Louis, my boy, your dad and I are somehow even more smitten with you than when we first met you. We are pretty sure that one of the reasons for this is that you have discovered the power of a smile. 260 more words


My Labor Day Weekend

I certainly had an interesting weekend. Shall i share with you the things I learned? Yes? Okay, if you insist:

  • When a cute guy comes up to you and tells you he knows you from junior high school, TALK TO HIM. 
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Getting An ITIN

Well, I’ve been gathering together all the paperwork for my ITIN application. For those who don’t know what an ITIN is, the acronym stands for Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, and it will mean that I only have to pay 5% tax in the US instead of 30%. 287 more words

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My new phone, finally?!?!?

I’ve been using my phone for 1 week now. At first I didn’t really like it because of its size (5 tum).. but now I’m used to it and I kinda like it… l0l. 159 more words

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