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The Language of Symbols

I became obsessed with Sacred Geometry over the last year.

I mean, seriously obsessed. I couldn’t stop drawing it. I had it shaved into my head for over six months. 346 more words


Surviving Progress

This is a great BBC documentary on the notion of progress and what that has meant for civilizations past and present. It’s a great movie and I highly recommend you take a look. 16 more words

New Thinking

Mindmap from Victor Papanek

Thought this was pretty fitting to the philosophies of the tiny home movement…”What the People Really Want! vs. How False Goals Are Achieved.”

New Thinking

Moving From Material-centric to Life-centric

Life is a struggle between what we see and what we do and the measure of a person is solely based on the doing. We all wish to be a part of the greater community of humans, but somewhere along the way we have confused conformity in thought with conformity in action. 333 more words

New Thinking

A Small Case for the Tiny Home Movement

Victor Papanek stated, “We have learned to think of large cars as gas-guzzlers; similarly we must learn to see our homes as the space guzzlers they are,” in his book, “Design for the Real World.” 338 more words

New Thinking

"Buy a phone, start a movement" says...


I think it’s worth taking a look at.

It’s time to make a change! To join a movement.