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Dare to Make Your Dreams Come True

Stop bellyaching that life is unfair.  You are right.  We don’t all get dealt a good hand.  The question is what will you do about it? 277 more words


From a dreamer to a billionaire

Nick Woodman had a simple dream. He wanted to capture the exciting moments of his surfing . The problem was that no camera in the world was able to take photos in such conditions. 313 more words


[Dream Catchers]

I work in a beautiful shop that sells beach and ocean inspired home wares and every now and again someone will want something we don’t have and I think, “Oh, I can make that”.  389 more words


[Sterling Silver]

I’ve been using sterling silver in my jewellery for many years and although I’m very familiar with the material I haven’t really been that knowledgeable. Well, I thought it would be a good idea to educate myself (and you if you’re interested) in what Sterling Silver is and why it’s such a popular part of our culture. 334 more words

Collaborative Effort Leads to Big Rewards!!!!!

Harris hawks are unique in the fact that they hunt in packs like wolves. Unlike other hawks they are social. As an entrepreneur it makes sense to work with teams. 47 more words

Conceptualizing an iVSM

KISS! is the best way to run an efficient and effective supply chain. Whilst we concentrate more efforts on the manufacturing side and physical goods creation, do startup companies often neglect the value of information flowing up and down the supply chain? 515 more words


Psynumarot Update #1

Hello friends!

I wanted you to all be aware that the following pages have been tested and are now available:

Code of Ethics


Psychic Readings… 39 more words

Alternative Spirituality