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Traditionally when you think of a beardsman you think of, like, a biker or an outdoorsman or a lumberjack. But Eric Bandholz, the founder of a men’s-grooming company called Beardbrand is set to change that perception and give professional expert help to urban beardsman. 100 more words

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We Insure Contractors Large & Small

Artisan Contractors are smaller operations that work in a variety of settings. They may be involved on large construction projects under the direction of general contractors, operate in smaller residential projects, specialize in installations or work on renovation or remodeling projects. 177 more words

Contracting Risks

I've been away...way too long!

I’ve been away, way too long.  However, I was on a journey of change and of discovering new ways to success.  And Ladies and Gentleman, I found a few!  22 more words


Magic Carpets

I never in my wildest dreams thought that I’d ever get involved in hubby’s carpet business as carpets seemed a million miles away from Sociology and Social Research. 191 more words


New Video-Based Social Network Ocho, Backed By Mark Cuban, Raises $1.65M

Ocho – a new video-based social network tailored specifically for iPhone users has found its undettered investors in Mark Cuban, Bill Lohse, and several others who are betting on the same although there is no shortage of video-snippet sharing services. 48 more words


A Counterintuitive System for Startup Compensation

Molly Graham, joined as an employee on Facebook when it had 400 employees but a clear compensation system wasn’t in place. This resulted in very little transparency and frustration in the workplace. 48 more words

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Road Tripping & Camping With A Little One

SO HOW IS CAMPING with a baby? I am not an expert because my experience isn’t extensive, but I would love to share what we learned and what worked for us on our most recent trip on the road, where two of the weeks were spent in a tent. 1,622 more words