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A wireless router may someday charge your mobile devices

Energous, a California based company is developing a wireless charging technology called WattUp that can transform the way we charge our electronic devices at home, office and even our cars. 25 more words

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New Ventures Coming Soon

I finally have some things I’m going to be working on very soon and I’m too excited to wait till they’re done so I’m sharing it now. 344 more words

Be Happy, Live Well

There are gems in the raindrops and in just being. This is the lesson that lives in our hearts, and we thank you for the rain. 42 more words

New Ventures

Six Misunderstandings about the Lean Startup

By Karen Utgoff

Use of Lean Startup techniques is becoming ubiquitous in entrepreneurship circles these days and rightly so. Along with the closely related Lean Launchpad methodology, this highly effective approach puts one essential success factor — fit between customers, markets, products and company — front and center for founders who might previously have defaulted to “If we build it they will come.” 645 more words

Karen Utgoff

Owning Your Own Destruction

Business synergy is a myth – chasing it is fruitless

An established company is always tempted to position a new business as secondary and supportive to the core business. 1,061 more words


New look, new ventures

So I decided to change up the appearance of this blog, which is appropriate considering that right now I’m embarking on some new ventures myself. 429 more words


Enter The Dragon

Enter The Dragon was a landmark movie in many ways – It was the first Hollywood-Asian Kung-Fu production, it was Bruce Lee’s last completed movie (he died weeks before the official release), and it featured a never before seen diverse cast of heroes including Bruce, John Saxon and Jim Kelly.    708 more words

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