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Words don't nail down an exact figure of our existence...

English has probably more words than most comparable world languages, it is used to say. Certainly several reasons contributed to it. The first one is because English was originally a Germanic language (related to Dutch and German). 842 more words

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Saw this in the Guardian. The challenge is to try and use as many as I can in casual conversation.


New words - 15 September 2014

cryptocurrency noun a generic term for bitcoin-type e-currencies

Why are cryptocurrencies valuable? In the case of Bitcoin, because it was the first and is by far the largest, receiving the majority of monetary and media attention, with the one harmoniously building the other. 131 more words

New Words


estudiando para el GRE — una lista de (algunas) palabras que necesito aprender! 

deified — deify — worship

probity — having strong moral/ethical principles

renowned – famous // enduring – long lasting… 290 more words


Learn New Words Using Context

One of my favorite ways to increase my vocabulary is to use the context when I am reading or listening to learn new words.  This is a great method, because it helps you to better understand how to use the new word correctly.  317 more words


Wordplay: The new birds

Wordplay is a regular column by editor and language writer James Harbeck in which he tastes and plays with English words and usages. 911 more words