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New Words

So, it’s all Terry Pratchett’s fault. Again. If you’ve never read any of his work, I would a) urge you to find some as quickly as possible and read it, and b) warn you that you will learn all sorts of interesting things that you never thought you would. 180 more words


How Do You Spell Wi-Fi?

So many new vocabulary words in our language! The one I’ve seen spelled many different ways is Wi Fi. I’ve also seen Wifi, Wi-Fi, and wifi. 206 more words


No such thing as a synonym?

“There are no such things as synonyms!!”  I still remember how these words from Tom Robbins, in Jitterbug Perfume, grabbed my attention.  I wondered if it was true.   542 more words


I Learned A New Word

This Saturday I went to Can’t Stop The Serenity, find one in your area cause it’s awesome, and I learned a new word from Joss Whedon, Genderist, and he explains why it’s awesome and we need start using it. 11 more words

Alica Mckenna Johnson

New words - 29 September 2014

loom band noun a very small, brightly-coloured rubber band which is woven together with others in a variety of configurations to make bracelets and other items … 114 more words

New Words

new Words: salsify

I can stand here in the old pasture where there’s nothing but sun and rain, wild oats and thistles and crazy salsify, no cattle grazing, only deer, stand here and shut my eyes and see: the dancing place, the stepped pyramid roofs, a moon of beaten copper on a high pole over the Obsidian.

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New Words

Russian word of the day


meaning: cat

pronounced: cowt (like co as in slow or crow then – wt)

also: кошка  pronounced: koshka