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Joy of new words - absenteenism - when your teenagers are never home!

A fellow “new word maker-up-erer” who has become a friend sent me a word she made up to describe here teenager who is never home – absenteenism. 474 more words

Rail station? No, no, no!

I’m all for the English language changing and adapting, but there are some expressions that not only sound wrong, they are wrong.

Rail station is one of them. 106 more words


New words - 20 October 2014

life tracking noun the use of one or more devices or apps to monitor health, exercise, how time is spent, etc.

is the latest – and perhaps the creepiest – device in the tech-driven trend toward what is called life tracking. 120 more words

New Words

New words - 13 October 2014

spoonula noun a cooking implement that is a combination of a spoon and a spatula

Pour the mixture back into the pan and cook on low-medium, scraping and folding the mixture with a silicone spoonula (I love this one). 74 more words

New Words

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Livie Liv.

Liv, you are growing up too fast. You are a little girl with a big personality that I love so much! But you were JUST a tiny little baby. 124 more words

Expanding your vocabulary

We all know that an extensive vocabulary has many pros (e.g. improves your confidence, superior interview skills, better grades in school, communication skills and you can even impress someone with how well spoken you are!) however, little of us know where to go and look for words that would be useful for us, because we all know that there’s nothing worse than learning something that you are never going to use! 251 more words