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New Words: peripatetically

(Found my dictionary… you’re relieved, I’m sure.)

Forced into a relaxing vacation away from the city, Vimes makes the best of a miserable situation and takes a walk in the countryside, quite out of his element: … 111 more words

New Words

New words - 1 September 2014

raingarden noun a planted sunken area of garden that absorbs rainwater runoff from roofs, drives, etc.

Financial incentives drove up numbers of green roofs in Germany 19-fold in just 12 years. 150 more words

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past tense: imbued; past participle: imbued
inspire or permeate with a feeling or quality.
“the entire performance was imbued with sparkle and elan” 36 more words

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New words - 25 August 2014

kninkles plural noun wrinkles above the knee

No more kninkles (that’s knee wrinkles): Now there’s a £300 lunchtime lift that promises to banish that saggy skin. 115 more words

New Words


Neologism – /niːˈɒlədʒɪzəm/; from Greek νέο- néo-, ‘new’ and λόγος lógos, ‘speech, utterance’, borrowed from the French, néologisme in the 1700s, is the creation of new words, which of course is nothing new, Shakespeare was a master neologist and before him, well, someone had to invent them. 744 more words

Word Wise

Actual Words

When I was a little girl growing up many-a-word left my mouth. Many-a-word had I coined. I would have conversations with others and with myself about if some things I uttered were actual words or just something I made up. 479 more words

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The best way to memorize new words


Do you find it hard to remember new words in Russian or Ukrainian? But the vocabulary is very important part of every language. I use this method to memorize new words for a long time, I want to offer you a daily newsletter of new words (6 words) every day, which will be easy to remember.