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Priests and Princesses

Continued from Mourning in the Morning.

Her stomach felt like it had a large, rough rock in it.  She regretted the nap that denied her breakfast, and more than that, the entire mourning business was the dullest thing.  

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Semihistorical Fiction

Action and reaction....

“Get up! Get up!” Hipeer heard a voice in his mind. It was a very nice morning and he really didn’t have the time for more sleep.  620 more words

It Is The Truth

Having an answer

Maybe it’s because I’m a little older. Maybe it’s because I don’t have as many of the challenges that many people have. I don’t know. But now that a little but if the new has worn off of my diagnosis. 328 more words


An Implementation & Monitoring Commission to replace the Planning Commission?

Planning is the first step in management. To complete the loop, you need to implement the plans, monitor the implementation, and collect feedback to feed into the planning process. 141 more words

New World

Mourning in the Morning

Morning light drifted lazily through the transluscent dome, to illuminate in golden light the many hung silks that decorated the bedroom of the Princess-Regent.  She furrowed her manicured brows as the light fell through her layers of protection and onto her.   934 more words

Semihistorical Fiction

Wild Horses

Over the past several months I have started a part-time job as a wine taster/pourer.  So, 1-2 times a week I get to go to a variety of locations and be that person who pours different wines for the customers to sample, while of course sampling them myself to be educated about them to properly inform the shoppers.  202 more words