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Seizing Adventure

This past Saturday signified my 4-week mark as an au pair in Belgium. 4 weeks. One month. It’s quite hard to believe! Part of me feels like I just got here. 661 more words

My Thoughts

No Brain?

Here we are! We have jumped countless timelines to arrive where we are right NOW and we keep doing so as we speak. There have been major shifts on so many levels since I wrote last time. 998 more words

UPDATED: The Imaginary War on Terror, by Peter Eyre, October 19, 2014

Non-existent terrorists who are trained funded & armed by western intelligence networks to force a regime change in a country that is not compliant with western foreign policy, or who they wish to target in order to: 1,584 more words


A new world, the new us!

I basically have a reason starting up this post, my very first post in this blog. Perhaps, let me tell you why I chose this subject, introductory to the new ones, who stepped out of the ovaries, and looking at this beautiful world. 226 more words

claire de lune


I had a horrible day at work. It was a stressful day in general and I screwed up big time, but I am not going to go into any details because it was pretty embarrassing what I did. 406 more words


Starting my Journey

This post is adding to a series of posts that I particularly like discussing on this blog. In a short summary for my new readers, I’ve a philosophy that we should make our own purpose in life.  402 more words


Change the way

When you change your attitude towards yourself and towards other persons, when you start to experience the world with a smile on your face, Love in your heart and Peace in your soul,  the world around you will change in an instant. 195 more words