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#365NewYearResolutions My Ten Relationship Resolutions 311-320

Am I very lucky to have been in a fabulous relationship for over 7 years now. We’ve had our ups and downs but I am very lucky to say that I have been blessed with an amazing partner who has stuck with me through thick and thin and been my rock over the last few years. 360 more words

365 New Year Resolutions

Mii ...blobbiness eradication!

My blobbiness knows no bounds and it’s time to part company with it.

I was going to get Christmas out-of-the-way first [ yes, we somehow think that it’s mandatory to gorge ourselves over the Christmas period and live with the consequences] and then lose some weight and get fitter. 413 more words


#365NewYearResolutions 306-310 Tattoo's!

I adore tattoos’. When they’re good they can be incredible pieces of art on people’s bodies. Plus on men, I have to say I think they are very sexy! 469 more words

365 New Year Resolutions

2014: Another Dumb Year

The resolution:

Read all of the Koran, six more books of the Bible, and three works of Lovecraft that I’ve never read before.

What happened: 115 more words


A Double Dose of Daily Kindness

In the new year I will be running a campaign to get positive energy flowing around the world, starting with daily acts of kindness.

There is a difference between this and the usual pay it forward, good deed for the day or random acts of kindness you may have heard about previously. 345 more words

Think twice before kidding yourself

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November. In the wake of unrelenting torrential downpour, unreasonable stacks of reading, an insufficient student loan, seemingly unresolvable housing disputes, ominous deadlines and a touch of self-diagnosed seasonal affective disorder, we succumb to a plethora of temptations in attempt to console our winter blues. 545 more words


#365NewYearResolutions 293-305 My Big Gay Resolutions!

When thinking about what resolutions I can make this year, I have often wondered about any that can revolve around me being gay.

I came out when I was 22, a few months after starting work as cabin crew. 624 more words

365 New Year Resolutions