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New Year Resolutions

These are my new year resolutions. Better late than never!

1. Try new things

This is my year of trying new things, meeting new people and developing my skills. 294 more words


Three of the Most Obvious Tips to Lose Weight That You Need a Reminder About

Losing weight isn’t always easy. Not only that but there’s a TON of information out there that can feel overwhelming at times. Low carb, high fat, high protein? 574 more words


Franklin Makeover - Week #3 - Discipline

I felt so strongly about my Week 3 word “DISCIPLINE“, I chose to post a transcript of one of the First and greatest mentors in my young life.   1,456 more words

Personal Power

Week #17 - "... make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen." Ralph Waldo Emerson

This week became one of those PIVOTAL times in our lives where we are given a chance to accept all the things we have been told and turn our backs in despair over our circumstances, lose our faith and become ruled by our emotions. 939 more words

Personal Power

Goodbye, New Year Resolutions. Hello, Goal Planning.

A few years ago, I made a decision to give up making New Year resolutions. Each preceding year, I had made the same five resolutions that I think most people make. 373 more words

Deborah Epperson

New Year's Visions

Resolutions may be great. So, I recently looked at the scale and thought, “Oh damn it, how did I get to be 170 lbs?” I must have been eating plenty of junk food and eating out. 1,954 more words

Journal Entry

2015 Resolution

After reviewing the purpose of this blog and looking through what I’ve actually posted, I’ve realised that I failed this blog in my lack of activity and attention. 413 more words

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