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March check-in: New Year Resolutions update

This is a very late check-in to see how I got on with my three New Year’s Resolutions in March (see this post for the full explanation of my New Year’s Resolutions). 112 more words

2014 Book Challenge

"iImprove" Programme by Bhargavii Mani

This whole concept of “New Year Resolutions” has always puzzled me… It is one thing to be a firm believer that you should celebrate life seizing every opportunity life gives you, and another to obsess over it. 924 more words

Vision Board 2014

Although 2013 was such a challenging year, in which I felt like I was being tested daily, I thank God for all of the bad situations I had encountered. 389 more words

14/52 - Project 52 from Las Cruces Photographer

Who can resist that big goofy toothless grin?
This girl is always willing to smile for me. Thank goodness. Her smiles keep me going.


#365NewYearResolutions - March Review, Number 60 to 90.

3 months into my pledge of making #365NewYearResolutions and I’m soon to hit the 100 mark. I’ll be honest, it’s not been easy. Deciding which resolutions to make. 697 more words

365 New Year Resolutions

#365NewYearResolutions. 87, 88 & 89 Lovely letters......

Every day my various email addresses are bursting at the seams with cyber junk. I try to keep on top of the endless stream of online correspondence, carefully sifting through each one to ensure I don’t delete anything important. 479 more words

365 New Year Resolutions

#365NewYearResolutions. 90-99 My 10 Environmentally Friendly Resolutions.....

Way back on the 16th January, one of the resolutions I made was to do more for the environment. The world is a fragile place and I do very little, in the grand scheme of things, to reduce the damage we are doing to our beautiful planet. 318 more words

365 New Year Resolutions