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a new year, a new start

alternately titled things to keep in mind this year:

1. comparing yourself to people who want the same things that you do who are achieving success faster than you are is the quickest way to set yourself even farther away from your own success. 271 more words

Out With the Old, In With the You

I’m not the biggest fan of suburban life but perks like no-sweat parking and more living space are undeniable.  The yard sale too, the quintessential suburban event, is another.   473 more words

On My Mind

New Year, New Me

So school is starting tomorrow…  I’m scared I will be alone again this year.  The only thing keeping me going is that after this I don’t have to see anyone from my school again.   70 more words

Happy New Year!

So it’s not the actual new year of 2015. But if you are connected with a school or college or other institution of learning, September always feels like a beginning, the place where everything starts again. 402 more words


I'm Back!

So the new school year has started and i’m officially a sophomore. This year I plan to go to counseling at my school for my four different types of anxiety. 142 more words

Hasta La Vista, 50!

I cannot believe that one year ago,  I was suffering tremendously at the thought of turning 50.  I lost a lot of hair and sleep worrying and anticipating the big 5-0.   351 more words


It's Real

Hey guys!

I literally just sat down in front of my computer again. I’ve been away these past few weeks and my internet connection was extremely unpredictable, so I decided to put off any new posts until I returned home. 674 more words

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