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Matariki is nearly over, but have you been out to see it yet with your own

eyes? It’s not too late, – in fact everyday it’s getting easier and easier… 784 more words

New Zealand

Day One Hundred Thirty Seven: The DIY Alien

Turns out Alien is just like the rest of us and now that it’s the new year he has had the idea to start the New Year with a little DIY project to improve the home, though I don’t think he has quite decided what it is he is going to build, I think it’s a toss-up between a garage for his spaceship or a shelf to hand his spaceship keys on, because clearly they are in the same league as each other!

Daily Alien

One Ripe Cherry (Haiku)

one ripe cherry /
stains the leaves as it falls – /
sweetly-scented breeze //

solstice evening – /
the last couple on the beach / 153 more words

An Ancient New Year

Three days ago, the New Year began. The Ancient New Year that is. The Ancient Egyptians, celebrated the new year with the helical rising of the binary star system Sirius. 145 more words

Thought Paths

It's been a while...

So I have completely neglected this blog in the past year, but I hope to revive it now!

This past year has been full of triumphs, failures, making friends and saying goodbye to them, experiencing culture shock here and in other places. 75 more words

It's takes the same time to get over a relationship as it does to grow back a pair of big toenails.

We went to Warehouse Project for New Year. I had designated the Christmas holidays as a make or break period of the “relationship”. I remember the fluttering in my stomach that I had felt when He invited me to a house party with all his friends for New Year the previous year. 459 more words

Interview with Pulkit Gupta

7 Days, 7 Interviews 

Hello Guys!

We are glad to announce that this interview project is going pretty well. We’re receiving lots of love from our readers. 1,339 more words