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April is wrapping up and it will be summer before I know it. I thought it would be a good time to review my goals for the year. 807 more words


Days 112 & 113

Another combined post but between being in holidays for Easter and the renovation sometimes it’s hard to find the time to post – as precious as that sounds. 51 more words

Weight Loss

Any Damned Fool

Talking with a friend of mine last week about our respective running schedules, I was reminded of a lesson I learned at basketball camp the summer before my freshman year of high school. 819 more words

A Dry Year

About Those New Year's Resolutions...

Remember when I made personal goals for 2014? (Probably not…most of my followers did not follow me then). :P Well, I thought it would be fun to keep myself accountable and provide a progress report seeing as we are so far into the year – it’s almost May! 500 more words


DO EPIC SHIT: goal setting

So I’ve been meaning to get my shit together and be a little more disciplined, but that’s hard and I’ve been failing a lot lately. Particularly since a few of these were new year’s resolutions…for last year. 308 more words


Reconnecting With Me

It  has been a very long time since I sat down at my computer and felt inspired to write. I started this blog to share my experiences, my challenges, my past and hopefully my present, and somewhere along the way of transitioning from student to working professional, as well as taking a leap with my now ex-boyfriend to live together, I find I have become lost in the process. 639 more words


Day 111

Chest day today and time to burn off the hot cross buns and Easter eggs. I also did 500 calories on the cross trainer. It’s great being able to go the gym a little later owing to being on holidays.
Arm day tomorrow!

Weight Loss