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New York cheesecake with strawberry sauce

The new York Cheese cake is a popular dessert in North America and when I moved from Italy 10 years ago I did not know what it was and I used to consider it a very rich dessert so I never wanted to try until one day one of my dear friend took me to a cheese cake factory so I had to try it and I liked it so I had to look for recipe and after a try out few this is my family favorite. 418 more words


One hella trip to diabetes with Homemade Cheesecake

Nothing relaxes me the most by the comfort of good food especially good sweets. I’m actually not a big sugary fan (no pun intended), I just love sweet stuffs to a limit, when it reaches the point, I’m starting to grow sick of it, and give it to anyone for free. 1,199 more words


I Call It Now

My obsession with cheesecake has begun. Never before had I thought about cheesecake in a positive light let alone eaten cheesecake until about two weeks ago. 428 more words

NY cheesecake

 Calling all cheesecake lovers out there!

Cheesecakes have always been tricky and challenging to make. In the past, my cheesecakes have always failed on me that I actually developed a fear of baking them. 655 more words

Baked Goods

Taking Liberties in New York

Can it really be so hard to find a slice of genuine New York cheesecake in New York?

Buoyed by the prospect of a free sail-by of the Statue of Liberty, I headed south again, down to the Staten Island Ferry.  1,356 more words

Say Cheese- Cake

I did keep to my promise this week of making a classic New York style cheesecake using Anna Olson’s recipe (she is just divine cause all her recipes are available online) 573 more words