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Will de Blasio Turn Back the Clock in New York City's Schools?

Mayor Bloomberg and Chancellor Joel Klein  brought significant and sustained improvement to New York City schools. Unfortunately, their successors, supported/motivated by teacher union opposition, have since threatened to undo those improvements. 547 more words

New iPad Use by New York City Teachers Halted

The New York City Schools Active Sync, its wireless network, was no longer to support new teacher users of Android and Apple tablets effective November 10, 2014 after spending 1.3 million to purchase 2000 iPads for classroom use in January. 13 more words


Can Principal Turnaround Bronx New York Public School from Closing?

In a recent article, principal of DeWitt Clinton High School Santiago Taveras, plans to save the Bronx New York public school from closing. Under the… 1,008 more words


This is what happens to test scores when you pay teachers $125,000 a year

The Equity Project Charter School opened in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan five years ago, with a fairly simple concept: get rid of extra administrative positions and pay teachers a lot of money—a base salary of $125,000 plus benefits and potential bonuses after two years of teaching. 514 more words

Smaller High Schools Improve Student Performance

By Dr. Marciene Mattleman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - In the past 15 years, many large high schools have been broken up into smaller units. Some stay in their buildings, others move. 126 more words

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