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It's All About Our Customers- A World of Colors!

The Tourism business is a big part of what keeps an country’s economy afloat! There are over 50 Million internationals that visit NYC every year! Whether it is to book hotels, see museums and other attractions, eat at lavishing restaurants, or take city wide tours, people from around the world want to see what makes NYC so special. 443 more words

New 2 NY Tours

Behind the Sounds: Cliff Martinez, 'The Knick (Original Series Soundtrack)'

Beakers spilling over with a dying patient’s blood; corpse-stealing ambulances; dank, rotting tenements; placenta previa; a breached fetus; horse-drawn carriages trampling down the dirt roads of Mott and Broome Street; medical instruments marrying the Civil War and… 541 more words

Rediscovering New York: The Accordionist. A Portrait In Color And Black & White

A few days ago I was at Bethesda Terrace in Central Park, watching little children lose their ever-loving minds over a Bubble Man’s humongous bubbles—If that sounds strange, I direct you to… 250 more words


Bronx Built Boats

Of course, there is Tilly, seen afloat here just  a few weeks before she was allowed to sink near Key West.

And then there are a… 184 more words


Nicely Done, Sir!

I’ve been on many bus trips. Just last week, I had a 23 hour bus trip to Wisconsin. I live in NYC, the mass transit capital of the US, and Buses and Trains are the primary mode of transportation in the Big Apple. 310 more words


Is It All About Timing? Gotta Get A Man When Their Light Is On Like A New York Taxi?

I was watching an episode of “Sex And The City” and there is a scene where Miranda explains to Charlotte, that what she has is not true love, is just that the man she is dating is ready for marriage. 673 more words