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Cee's Oddball Challenge

Cee’s Oddball Challenge

A Lighthouse Overlooking the Bronx Skyline

Atop a Building on the Major Deegan Expressway In New York


Photo Challenge

New York City

Last week I got the opportunity to explore New York City. It was a great trip and there’s a lot I could write about. Instead I will write nothing and let the photos give a blurry and incomplete picture of where I went and what I saw. 91 more words


Best Time to Capture New York Skyline

It’s cloudy? sun playing hide and seek behind the clouds? Worried that you have to return back without a signature photo of New York skyline? Happens when it is New York city. 342 more words


An Obsession with a Skyline

New York is known for many things but the skyline is the most iconic. Everything from the art deco design of the Chrysler building to the renaissance architecture of the flat iron building on Fifth Avenue. 174 more words