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October, 31: The Mercy Seat Under Town Hall

Messages from my Editors:

Where are you?
Where are you?

It’s Halloween. You need to be covering this.
What do we pay you for?

The snake is back.

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Sin el deseo de ser gravoso, pero sabiendo que es menester que nuestra comisión es enseñar la verdad escrita. Me tomo el momento par escribir con tristeza en mi corazón pues, aunque no es nada nuevo, pero cada vez veo como esta festividad pagana, satánica se esta moviendo entre los hijos de Dios. 1,454 more words


My Back Alley

(See what I did there?)

This is my back alley in the morning sunshine.

Many things happen in my back alley, including awesome skateboarding. 314 more words


The New York City "Hoodie" Debate

If you don’t live in New York City you probably have never heard about the “hoodie debate”. Apparently some stores in Harlem are banning customers from wearing hoodies inside their stores because the clothing blocks video surveillance cameras from seeing faces. 465 more words


I watch marathons not ball games or hockey

“You know you are a runner when you will sit and watch ALL of a marathon.”

if you do what is stated above – you are probably like me – yep sorry, a full blown geeky runner. 195 more words

Corporate Bankruptcy Tourists Land in U.S. by STEPHEN J. LUBBEN

Nicky Kundnani recommends New York Times’ new Business Day article

The United States, for reasons of law and commerce, has become a destination for foreign companies to file for bankruptcy, Stephen J. 19 more words