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Chemical Valley and the Power of the Coal Mining Industry

At this link is a New Yorker article that I read today.  Read it and no comment from me is needed.  It tells of the dark side of mining coal and the Republican corruption and blindness that is West Virginia.  855 more words

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"Shooting an Elephant"

["Shooting An Elephant" by George Orwell (1903-1950) is one of the most famous essays of the 20th century.  The essay  draws from Orwell's experiences while working as a police officer in colonial Burma.  2,402 more words


Hello from Chicago!!

JeSansChez’ Midwest adventure officially begins. Having made it from NYC to Chicago safely!

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Household mysteries

I’m not exactly in top form today, and little things are beginning to take on obnoxiously large proportions in my mind. Probably it would be better for me to just chill and move on, but instead I’m going to wallow for a moment… 368 more words