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Happy Birthday Dorothy Parker

Today is the 121st birthday of Dorothy Parker.  Her poem “Telephone” is something everyone has felt, if they want to admit it or not. She had the wit of three people and the alcohol tolerance to match. 459 more words


Hello from 34,000 feet above the Northwest Territories! Lucky me, I have a window seat! Some people say they hate flying, some people say they love flying, as of right now (5.5 hours into my 14 hour flight) I love it. 490 more words

Mother Daughter

Riding the escalator is a step up from always walking on the same level

Deep breath.  I’m back.

Recently I was taking a friend to her physical therapy appt.  This was another mom I met through my mom’s group, and when we met, it was like her “mom soul” hugged my “mom soul”.  349 more words

Rogue Element

Rogue Element

by Nadya Labi, New Yorker, 2014

This article tracks the progress of the uprising of a militia on a military base, which is unusual, as militias tend to be wary of the military and para-military.  36 more words

HoF Articles

Yelp Reviewing

As of late, I have taken to adventuring with my parents around my hometown (Boulder, CO), or as I like to call the trips “begetter-begotten escapades.” My father and I have delved into beer while my mother and I have been sipping cappuccinos, afterwards rating them on Yelp with a written review detailing the vast inequities or overwhelming successes of each enterprise. 708 more words

The Economics of Police Militarism | The New Yorker

America’s militarized police forces now have some highly visible tools at their disposal, some of which have been in the spotlight this week: machine guns, night-vision equipment, military-style vehicles, and a seemingly endless amount of ammo. 100 more words


If you see me wandering, I'm probably lost.

A New Yorker enrolled in a North Carolina school flying from California with a layover in New Jersey with Switzerland as her final destination.

Yeah, you could say she gets around. 151 more words

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