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Quite a Quote

While I yelled, Stash hacked at some of the loose ice on the freezer. When he had filled a bowl, he carried it over to the sink. 125 more words

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Feinstein: Obama May Be 'Too Cautious' With ISIS

WASHINGTON – (AP) – Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein says President Barack Obama may be too cautious in his approach to dealing with Islamic State militants. 400 more words


This Week in Color

Aug 30 2014 – I’ve had very minor surgery on my foot but it has proven surprisingly debilitating, as I’m not allowed to put any weight on the foot for the next few days to make sure the stitches don’t get messed up and the whole thing heals properly. 314 more words

Art Crush

Difficult Girl

I hadn’t heard of Lena Dunham till last year, when I caught Tiny Furniture on Netflix. Lena plays the lead role and directs it as well. 346 more words

Mental Illness

YOUR PERCEPTION WILL CHANGE: If indeed you can be persuaded by rational argument rather than by preconceived opinions and emotions.


An Insider’s Guide to the Most Important Story about Israel and how its image is shaped!

A former AP correspondent explains how and why reporters get Israel so wrong, and why it matters… 3,973 more words


The genetics of sleep

Maria Konnikova has a post at The New Yorker about the genetics of sleep:

“What the researchers found was that the reaction to sleep deprivation was largely heritable: eighty per cent of the variation among peoples’ susceptibility to the cognitive effects of sleep deprivation was explained by genetics.”

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