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The Mark

The Mark

by Evan Ratliff, New Yorker, 2011

This is an anecdote from the files of the FBI concerning the law’s usage of informants and undercovers, in which this case, and conceivably most others, the representatives of the FBI commit more crimes than the suspected assailants. 71 more words

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No, No, New Yorker

Several weeks ago, a cartoon ran in the New Yorker that really set me aback. It seems an especially significant symbol of increasingly blitheness that the rest of the world displays about the financial burdens of graduate school—and the increasing inequality between haves and have-nots in the US. 732 more words


Movies Then and Movies Now

Watching movies back in the day meant VHS players.  It meant trying to not get all the tape in the VHS stuck and then spending hours trying to untangle the mess of tape and then getting it back on the roll.   160 more words


There's corrupt, then there's Christie

Swamp Rabbit was hopping mad about the persistently chilly weather. “I can’t take my Easter swim, the pond scum out there is colder ‘n ice cream!” He hunkered down in the shack all day, nursing a bottle of Wild Turkey he’d found under the woodpile. 382 more words

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"The Night in Question" by Tobias Wolff

Today I listened to Akhil Sharma reading Tobias Wolff’s “The Night in Question”. I will start with a quotation from Sharma’s conversation (on the podcast) with fiction editor Deborah Triesman: 416 more words

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