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Handy Tips to Make Travelling With the Flu Easy: Day 1.5

Haha. Just kidding. Did you really think there were tips that could make traversing 8800 miles with the flu bearable? 

I await the cold embrace of death.

New Zealand

Queenstown to Christchurch By Bus: Day 1

The trip from Queenstown to Christchurch by bus is one we’ve done before. Given the prices that some local New Zealand airlines charge for checked baggage, the bus is a good option if you want to bring more than just a carry-on pack. 536 more words

New Zealand

Project 365: Day 28 - The search for the golden hour

29th July 2014 – Christchurch, New Zealand

Light has found a long-lost friend,
And the shadows now face their foe.
In the ruins and rubble of Christchurch,
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Project 365: Day 27 - In coffee, we trust

28th July 2014 – Picton, New Zealand

The lack of protein has begun to show
And the nicotine doesn’t want to go slow
With all this hectic travel, sometimes I wonder.
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Silent but not so deadly

I know I haven’t updated in a while – things have been busy! I have a back log of posts I hope to get to over the next week, but thought I’d leave you with a few images of what has been keeping me so busy! 274 more words

New Zealand

Project 365: Day 26 - No penguins. No Kiwis. Cant complain.

27th July 2014 – Wellington, New Zealand

The kiwi was a recluse on a vacation

And the sea gulls already had their moment.

The penguins never bothered to say hi,

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Help with getting off the beaten track

Sometimes it’s a challenge to explore a country in a sustainable low-impact manner, and still get well off the beaten track. Locals jealously guard ‘secret spots’ which can remain visually hidden by the alleged removal of signage indicating a primo camping spot. 416 more words