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Morepork, New Zealand.

This is Morepork’s (Morks) work on a train in New Zealand. Love the Weirdness style to it. Be You, Live Real. ~ Sile


On the Road Again in New Zealand

Kiwi has had many an adventure and misadventure between her last post on the visit to the Moeraki Boulders and today. She is far from catching up on posting all the adventures she’s had in the past year. 327 more words


Our last post from the road - Queenstown, New Zealand

With mixed feelings, we can officially say this is our last blog post from the road. We will write another recap post, but our travels are over as we are leaving New Zealand tomorrow for the long journey back home to Philadelphia. 829 more words


Dear Scotland:

Dear Scotland,

As I write this the good people of your country are deciding “should Scotland be an independent country”, since I cannot actually see the future I’ve written two letters to you as the duly appointed representative of the great nation of Canada to the good people of Scotland. 427 more words


Politics, the importance of being engaged

Declaration of bias: I believe that voting is an important part of being a citizen of a country and that if you are going to vote it is crucial to make an informed vote based on the issues your country is facing. 1,283 more words

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