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The Lord of the Rings movies have always been interesting and fun to watch! I have always wanted to go into a hobbit house and see what they are really like. 232 more words

New Zealand

Scuba Shark

Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium was a great place to go to since I love animals and water! This is another place I went to while in New Zealand. 408 more words


Day #17 Leticia Simpson: A strong woman in two cultures

Litia Simpson will leave her native Tonga on Tuesday to run for a seat in the New Zealand parliament.

Yet she still might argue that it is her role as a Tongan woman that carries more power — or at least an equal amount of power in a very different way. 497 more words

Tree Adventures

One of the first few days that I was in New Zealand, my friend and I went to this place called Tree Adventures. This place is out in the treetops of the Woodhill forest. 238 more words

3 Questions: Metiria Turei, co-leader of the Green Party

Metiria Turei became a New Zealand member of parliament in 2002 and has since been elected as co-leader of the Green Party. She was kind enough to answer three questions about some of the challenges facing New Zealand politics. 258 more words

'Show Your Work!'

Since reading Austin Kleon’s Show Your Work! I have vowed to myself to share more of my artistic process, not just the end product. So here goes… Four years ago I moved to Auckland, I was new to the city and I thought to myself, “This is the perfect time to go out and photograph my environment while it is all new and interesting to me”. 138 more words