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For Future Me

Be unapologetic

The mistakes you make help you grow

Diversity is to be embraced

Support and be supported

Take risks and take any opportunity

Don’t be afraid to love… 23 more words


Symbolism is taking on a whole new meaning..


Media clips showing the progression of how symbolism in the U.S is being used to manipulate our perceptions on reality.

Signs and Symbols are used as a way to shape and restrict the limits of how an object is interpreted. 36 more words


The Brutality of Modern Dating

As a recently single female in her mid twenties I absolutely cannot remember how to date.

I have finally succumbed to the pressure placed on me by one of my lovely coworkers to join a dating app named ‘Tinder’. 231 more words


Ora, Mykonos Island

This next post comes to you from Mykonos Island! Not literally… Anyway, one thing I noticed was that the Greek have very big portions and I like that. 279 more words



My name is Zack Tarle, encase you somehow navigated to a random blog, didn’t see the address and missed the giant title. I am a 15 year old teen struggling to make my way through the mad house that is called high school. 46 more words


Homemade Snacks- Cheaper Than Store Bought?

This is a cross post from my OTHER blog: http://www.thedinerodiaries.wordpress.com which will be LIVE on 1/1/15…I have added info regarding WLS/Diet to make it relevant to THIS blog. 274 more words

Recipes And Such