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1953: Secret of the Andes (Llama Herding)


Laurinda’s Rating: 2.5/5

The 1953 Newbery Medal Winner, Secret of the Andes, is the story of an indigenous boy in Peru. He is raised in a hidden valley with a special herd of llamas, trained for an unknown purpose. 176 more words

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1953: Secret of the Andes (the case of the long lost llamas)

VERDICT: Treasure

Sally’s Rating: 3/5

Ann Nolan Clark’s Secret of the Andes is a slow yet solid character piece that highlights the mysteries of the Inca Empire as a young boy who is raised in seclusion must discover his identity and find his family. 318 more words

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1952: Ginger Pye (when dogs go missing)


Sally’s Rating: 2.5/5

Ginger Pye by Eleanor Estes is a cute book about Jerry Pye and his sister adopting a dog. While everything goes well at first, their dog is kidnapped, resulting in them having to enlist the town to help them find their lost puppy. 393 more words

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1952: Ginger Pye (A Boy, A Girl, and Their Dog)

VERDICT: Treasure

Laurinda’s Rating: 3.5

Ginger Pye, the 1952 Newbery Medal Winner, is the charming story of the Pye siblings, Jerry and Rachel, and the dog they name Ginger. 452 more words

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1951: Amos Fortune, Free Man


Sally’s Rating: 1.5/5

Elizabeth Yate’s Amos Fortune, Free Man is an emotionless account on slavery in the Americas in the early 1700’s. The life of the historical Amos Fortune is revealed in this tale of a former slave turned free man. 316 more words

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1951: Amos Fortune: Free Man (Slavery wasn't bad, nope)


Laurinda’s Rating: 1.5

The 1951 Newbery Medal Winner, Amos Fortune: Free Man, is the story of a boy abducted from Africa shortly after the death of his father makes him chieftain/king of his tribe. 390 more words

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1950: The Door in the Wall (Use of legs, optional)


Laurinda’s Rating: 2/5

The 1950 Newbery Medal Winner, The Door in the Wall, is not a winner in my book. The setting is England during the reign of Edward III. 424 more words

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