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Memory problems with malloc after NSNotificationCenter

In my app I have an nsxmlparser in another object and I send a request to it every time I need to parse something. It then returns the resulting dictionary of custom objects via nsnotifcationcenter. 110 more words

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Adventures in writing!

I have been reading a lot of “how to write” articles online. Blogs, interviews from accomplished authors, message boards yada yada. They all have a few common things that are apparently just common sense in the writing world. 705 more words


The ABCs of Python: "global," "nonlocal," and Celebs in Vegas

Here is a discussion of two more keywords in Python. These are less well-known and widely-used than a lot of the other Python keywords but have their uses in specific circumstances: 638 more words


The Word 'Bubble' Feels Weird

Coming up with a name for this site is quite possibly one of the most thought-provoking dilemmas I have ever come across, and that is no joke. 322 more words


New Beginnings

It might be the end of the year but hey it’s not to late to start something new. I started this blog in a way to not only express myself but to inspire and to be inspired. 205 more words


Foto-Basics für Newbies Teil1

Wie kann ich gute Fotos machen? Oft höre ich diese Frage und versuche ich eine anständige Antwort zu geben, ohne mich in Fachausdrücken zu verlieren. Aber selten gelingt es mir, alles verständlich und einfach rüber zu bringen. 649 more words



So this whole blogging thing is new to me. I mean, I’ve heard of it of course( it’s everywhere!) but never actually written one.  I thought I’d give it a shot since I’m so interesting and everyone must be chomping at the bit to read what I’ve been up to lately.Ha. 85 more words