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This is a filler post to make sure my blog’s features are working properly.  Check back soon for an actual update.



So this is fun.  I am genuinely addicted now to spewing my every thought on social media.  The only problem is…I literally have nothing to say. 258 more words


Beta Test: Motherhood

I have been staring at my daughter for 30  minutes now. I try to decipher each sound she creates. “What does that mean? Why does she sound like a screeching tire?”, these are the questions that come to my mind. 166 more words


Put a Little Oom-pah in Your Life

Living abroad means that I sometimes crave the things that I take for granted at home. Like a German newspaper, the obligatory “Tatort” crime series ritual each Sunday, fresh pretzels and white sausages, or even things I would complain about in Munich. 352 more words


### Diesel Newbie Modern, Bison 44 Bison

Diesel Newbie Modern, Bison 44 Bison

Diesel Newbie Modern, Bison 44 Bison. If you looking for Diesel Newbie Modern, Bison 44 Bison. For more details of Diesel Newbie Modern, Bison 44 Bison, please follow the link below. 90 more words

Yardski the newbie blogger

Good Afternoon..

well as all good things start off with a hitch, here for the second time is the first descriptive blog of me yardski..  I am not sure how blogging goes but am determined to find out, but not if it will kill me.. 140 more words


Diverse Worlds

Ever felt like being in different kinds of worlds? And by worlds, i mean a state of reality. You know, feeling like you’re living a completely different life when you’re in a certain situation or when you’re with different kinds of people. 86 more words