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Into The Unknown

This is my first adventure into blogging of any sort really, I’d pretty much say I’m going into the unknown (yes, I have squeezed that in to justify my title and image) 218 more words


A question about short stories and publishing.

I have a deep interest to get one of my short stories published in a magazine or e-zine. I was hoping to talk to someone who has done this before. 98 more words


Blogging again :)

I am starting this new blog of mine because I wanted to write again though I’m not a good writer :) Here at Elghrasya2015, I am going to share stories about my family and friends. 36 more words


newbie from cyclechat

Hi, Tom here form Harrogate I was directed here from cycle chat as I m looking at getting better at taking photos (mainly because I want some decent pics of my daughter and places we go and things we do rather than just standard blurry garbage from a camera phone). 32 more words


Thurday Thoughts

So it’s been snowing overnight and this morning on the way to work, and now im stuck in a glass room within a room with no windows, sat at a desk with minimal work to complete all for minimal pay. 240 more words

Mk. 51: An Alley Down The Street and Around The Corner

A bland, sloppy approach on perspectives… just one of those weird stuff in my head that I had to put on paper… 12 more words


Lesson 12

Try to assume they need the story in the next hour, even if they don’t

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