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Monday, July 28th 2014.

Welcome to my newest blog!

I say newest, because I’ve dabbled in them before. As the (current) tagline states above (er, wherever it is on this page), nothing extravagant. 687 more words


It's all about me..

‘I can’t run’

‘I used to be really good at sprinting, but now running for the bus, tires me out’

‘I hate running’

These were all things that came out of my mouth, frequently. 200 more words

Day 1661, July 28, 2014 - Sleepy Kali

I have to close at work tonight, so I will not be home until just before midnight. It does not leave me enough time to pick and upload today’s Picture-Of-The-Day image. 60 more words

365 Pictures

Essential Oils Journal Day 1

Hello everyone!
I recently ordered and received my first DoTerra products. (Yay!) I became an independent consultant but I haven’t decided if I want to sell or not but it is cheaper to become a consultant when buying a kit than it is to just buy the kit, plus there are other perks too. 466 more words


Wordpress newbie

While doing some research today, I came across WordPress mentioned a number of times so thought I should check it out. Keep watching for new update.

Mk. 17: Of Beasts, Nature and Strangeness

I have this habit of randomizing stuff into my work and this practice piece above is one of them.

I couldn’t recall exactly what my intent was on this piece, every time I get to see a blank space on it I would randomly draw something or anything that comes to mind and as soon as I’m done with it, I’d get this chopsuey-type of painting filled with oddities and strangeness in front of me.



Well hello there!! Just trying if this thing really works. Im new to WordPress and generally, to blogging. Well there, hope to post sometime soon. stay tuned!