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Slang of the day: "Noob"

Surprisingly, noob does NOT equal newb/newbie. A noob is someone who lacks knowledge but acts overconfident like a know-it-all.

Learn something new from my son every day!


A Little Introduction.

My name is Erin, I am 18 years old and am currently living in Northern Ireland. I live in the countryside with my mum, dad, little sisters and our dog. 39 more words


Caledon Oxbridge University

Caledon. A beautiful Victorian Era space that has a lot to offer.

This place is a great starting point for those who just arrived in the SL community. 367 more words


Quiet time on the study table...

Still, the occasional rainfall and breezy weather persisted this serene Thursday afternoon… and so I decided to spend my quiet time upstairs and work on a new watercolor piece on that trusty ol’ study table located across from my bedroom.


A cute little drawing

I was in a drawing mood last night, but then I got tired, so I finished it up this morning. I like that my drawings are getting a bit better.

New Blogger

Newbies be like...

Hello there! Well, this is the first time I tried blogging so…. I’m not really sure how this type of things work or run but I just wanna tell you that it really is thrilling to be trying new things. 281 more words


I Am Amazing In Your Eyes (a poem)

More poetry- because I’m addicted:

I am amazing in your eyes.
Your words collapse my walls, and I fall,
And I know I will fight for you. 143 more words