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If you can’t do it, you don’t know it.

(Mike Sigman) 

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What is strength?

This is an interesting question.
In the internal martial arts, the idea of ‘strength’ encompasses a wide range of physical and mental abilities.
Strength is the ability to… 35 more words

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Most people are not capable of defending themselves, their loved ones or their belongings.
This is a disturbing fact.

Although society still offers the same dangers it always has, the general public’s attitude towards personal protection has changed. 28 more words

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Contemplation is the intense consideration of a very specific subject.
Rather than gloss over a matter, you commit time to deliberately think it through thoroughly and completely. 35 more words

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Tai chi teaches us to remain calm and composed.

Composure is emotional balance; the ability to remain emotionally stable in the event of crisis or… 18 more words

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Effort/reward ratio

Internal body use challenges conventional wisdom and the conventional application of strength.
The body must be strong.
The application of that strength is unorthodox.

The aim is to unite the entire body in application. 74 more words

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There is no shortcut

Building up your strength takes time, practice, commitment and patience.
In truth, you may not even realise it is happening.
Internal martial arts training is not strenuous or stressful. 71 more words

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