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The Rain Here

It rained here the other day with such big, round drops, that a person could walk five paces in between getting wet.

But that was just one rain. 629 more words


CAL – Item # G-29 – Outreach to Professionals

WHAT I LEARNED: 1. This Guideline mentioned a phrase that was very curious to me: “sponsoring a professional.”  I had never thought of it that way before, but I guess a professional that isn’t aware of the program would be similar to a newcomer & would need a “go-to” person for guidance that was committed & knowledgeable… 201 more words



Hey! :D

Well I promised daily stuff…but i was slacking, because I am a slacking peace of shit T_T I am sorry.

Anyway. Throwback friday will be underway really soon , hopefully I will pass FEAR tonight.  74 more words


New Girl

There’s a new girl at work; a cashier. She just arrived in Canada a month ago. She speaks very little English. Another one of the cashiers I work with said to me today “She literally doesn’t speak any English, just knows the numbers and how to say a total” I think normally I would wonder why my boss hired her. 170 more words

OBS setup update.

Hello again! :D 

Well , it took me like 4 hrs of reading during the night(was up till 5 am) and 2 and a half hours today to actually fix the latency strain on the… 42 more words


Liebster Award

 I got nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely Malensu from Lenny Likes to Blog <3 325 more words