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Quantmod - getSymbols function in R

I am running the below code to retrieve prices from Yahoo’s API and I am getting warnings for each ticker_symbol download, even though I am getting what I need should I be handling this warning? 126 more words

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Festival MOSAIC 2014

The Festival MOSAIC, now in its 5th year, will be held on Thursday, November 20th from 7 pm to 10:30 pm at the Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre… 57 more words


Use endpoints function to get start points instead?

I have an xts object called Daily_Quotes that contains stock quotes. I’m using endpoints to get monthly stock quotes that I retrieved using getSymbols (from the quantmod package). 195 more words

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The Shared Experience of Snow

Snow and I go way back.

Today’s first snowfall of the year marks the 23rd year since my first snowfall back in 1991.

Like so many other Canadians, I was born in a different country, with very different weather patterns.  417 more words


How do I know if I am programming in R the right way?

I wrote some code that runs fine, but I wanted to know if I am doing it the correct way. I’d like to learn how to practice some good coding skills. 346 more words

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34 things most "tweens" in the noughties should remember.

If you were a “tween” or in other words, aged 9-14 in the noughties then chances are you can relate to most of these! I got the inspiration for this post from numerous blog posts that are circulating at the minute, however the majority came from my own memories and those of my friends. 1,148 more words