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SQL Server : conditionally add rows and columns

I have a column as

| Sl. No. | bal1 | bal2 | bal3 | status1 | status2 | status3 |
|    1    | 520  | 270  | 351  |    1    |    0     |    1   |
|    2    | 201  | 456  | 154  |    0    |    1     |    1   |
… 54 more words

Research Journal 14: Wardle "Identity, Authority, and Learning to Write in New Workplaces"

Authority is learned and earned. It is maintained through individuals speech and actions as well as writing in a particular discourse community. A person can speak clearly and appropriately in their discourse, but may not be recognized by some, depending on their authority in the discourse. 359 more words

Introducing Takamaru

“The Ninja/Samurai Hybrid cuts his way using Mystical Techniques!”

Takamaru is an extremely quick that can quickly close gaps between himself and his foes while executing blinding fast sword strikes.  102 more words


Introducing Inkling

“Inkling brings her A-game to the battle with her Ink Guns and Ammo.”

Inkling has several unique abilities besides firing ink out of her guns.  She has a wide variety of guns and ammo has her disposal that can be use if various situations.  100 more words


I Dreamt of a Monster

I did, I did. I know this monster well, and I’m not pleased at all that he’s back.

Back when I didn’t know about plurality, there were a few moments in my childhood that creeped me out and alarmed me, yet I couldn’t figure out what they were, or get help for them. 1,318 more words

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Exclusive: Cherry Mardia talks Jigariyaa

Cherry Mardia, a new face in B-Town, is already getting praises for her new film Jigariyaa along with her costar Harshvardhan Deo. Inspired from true events, … 800 more words

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