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Artist's Gonna Leave Leave Leave Leave Leave: Spotify and the Streaming Revenue Controversy

I’m sorry in advance that this is the second Taylor Swift post on this blog. I promise that I’m not usually like this – she’s just been doing a lot of really cool things lately regarding ~law and the media~ and I’ve been all over that like syrup on a stack of pancakes. 415 more words

Mames is doing some work in the new house! #myboys #family #sons...

Mames is doing some work in the new house! #myboys #family #sons #son #lovelife #dads #dadlife #beardedads #newhouse #newhome #tattoos #longisland #hustling

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Some simple dynamical systems

Dynamical formulation of Prisoner’s dilemma
Originally, consider the two players, each has a set of stratagies, say and . The pay-off for player depends on the choices of both players. 613 more words


Movie Digest: Terms and Conditions May Apply

In today’s online world, we aim to make things as quick, simple, and streamlined as possible. What the average consumer isn’t aware of, though, is that the click-through terms and conditions that almost every website require the users to waive many privacy rights that, a mere 15 years ago, would have been considered fundamental. 543 more words

New house

Hi my names Wilbur and welcome to my crib…

Nice ey.

Didn’t last long. I went back to my proper house because humanbecca would miss me too much. 20 more words

All in favor, say "woof"

John Oliver’s talk show, Last Week Tonight, has been highly regarded as one of the most biting new shows in the “news satire” field, but he took it to an entirely new level on Sunday with his depiction of US Supreme Court oral arguments – played by dogs. 350 more words

Life as a lady that lunches: Chapter One

1st October – 22nd October
Various Addresses, East Coast of Australia

To say that this blog has somewhat been neglected over the past month is probably an understatement. 938 more words