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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

How many times have you heard someone say about money or the future, “I just want to be comfortable.”  We spend a lot of our time, work and money trying to ensure comfort for ourselves. 133 more words


Mentoring- Helping Others Understand

What is impossible with man, is possible with God. Nothing is out of the lord’s reach, He is bigger than any problem, he has all power in His hands . 213 more words

Too Faced Cosmetics haul and swatches

I’m not going to lie, it was a bit of a struggle to get this package to New Zealand. Only slightly less convenient than if I’d swam over to America, snatched the parcel under my arm, and commando rolled back across continents while doggy-paddling deep waters to get back to these shores. 604 more words


The part where I put one fancy foot in front of the other

Back straight
Shoulder blades pushed together
Head up, neck elongated, chin forward
Tummy in
Butt clenched
Pelvis forward
Hands softly down by your side, swaying and lightly brushing your butt as you walk…

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Why is it that I disregard so many of the enticements to read books that I see promoted on twitter? Is it because there are so many that I could never tackle them all? 275 more words


Weekly App News


What if we thought about how to incorporate this function into events like Heineken, as a secret VIP electronic doorbell? 84 more words


Danmu so popular...it enters the cinema

Danmu, literally means “bullet curtain”.  It’s a new form of commentary whereby viewers of images or films can directly plaster their comments on top of the content. 91 more words

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