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Now in Google Chrome, Email, Photos, Maps can also Bookmark

Search engine giant Google launched its web browser “Chrome” has spared no effort in making the popular. Google Chrome now to improve “star” of set to add… 174 more words

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Sex Offenders

This is a topic near and dear to me, and I just want to put my opinion out there.  I know this isn’t the popular opinion, but perhaps it should be.  439 more words

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Ignominy and Shame Beneath

Concerning an incident that has recently come to my attention, revealing some very deeper, more troubling issues that I feel should be addressed, not turning a blind eye to something that is clearly problematic. 2,008 more words

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Hypocrisy: it Gets Me Every Time

I’ve never been one with the virtue of patience, so forgive me for being so bold in my first personal blog post, but… I believe your hypocrisy is showing, you might want to wrangle that back in. 563 more words


Where's your job on the best and worst list of 2014?

The absolute worst job of any in North America? A lumberjack. CareerCast.com just rated it dead last in desirability out of 200 different vocations. I grew up and lived in the great Pacific Northwest for nearly 30 years. 521 more words