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Dan Simpson: Fracking Compromises the Future of Pennsylvania

I guess that having lived in the Ohio-Pennsylvania-West Virginia tri-state area for decades of my life should have hardened me to the apparently popular concept that it is completely acceptable to rape the environment to make a few people rich. 426 more words

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People are not "Collateral Damage"

Amid all the finger-pointing over exactly who is to blame for the atrocities currently taking place in the Gaza Strip, one very important point is being largely ignored: more than a thousand civilians, including many women and children, have been killed. 753 more words

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It is not anti-Semitic to say: Not in my name

On a morgue slab in Shejaiya in the Gaza Strip a few days ago lay two anonymous children, a boy and a girl. Their bodies could not be identified because their parents, according to Sharif Abdel Kouddous, a journalist for the… 338 more words

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Both Israelis and Palestinians are losers in this conflict

I am writing these words as someone who holds two passports – Israeli and Palestinian. I am writing them with a heavy heart, as the events in Gaza over the past few weeks have confirmed my long-standing conviction that there is no military solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 145 more words

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An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton

Hi, Hillary. You know me. I mean, we’re not friends, exactly, but we’re acquaintances. You were wonderful to me back in 1994 when you invited me to the White House. 205 more words

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Not Ready for Hillary: The Rationale for Elizabeth Warren

From the moment that Elizabeth Warren stepped on the stage to deliver her Friday morning speech at the Netroots Nation conference in Detroit, the chants echoed around the room. 167 more words

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Let's Kill the Death Penalty

In what has become too common a story of late, there was a botched execution this week.  In their eagerness to end a man’s life, and in the absence of the drugs historically used for executions (due to… 964 more words

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