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Let's Kill the Death Penalty

In what has become too common a story of late, there was a botched execution this week.  In their eagerness to end a man’s life, and in the absence of the drugs historically used for executions (due to… 964 more words

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July 21st. Defeat by Default

Well we had a good time anyway.  Better luck next week Cripplers!

Respect to Marvel for lending us some players to even out the numbers.

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Gaza: Who Wants Peace?

Does anybody want peace in Gaza?

Or anything else, such as prosperity?


The only thing the people in Gaza want is to fire rockets at civilian targets in Israel, to terrorize by trying to kill people and destroy property. 129 more words


Arizona Execution Takes Two Hours

The controversy engulfing the death penalty in the United States escalated on Wednesday when the state of Arizona took almost two hours to kill a prisoner using an experimental concoction of drugs whose provenance it had insisted on keeping secret. 120 more words

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Whatever the Problem, More Guns is not the Solution

Pro-gun folks are getting ambitious with their new proposals.  They used to merely oppose legislation that would hinder the ability of people to own as many guns as they want, regardless of their criminal history, mental health, or ability to handle their weapon safely.   1,976 more words

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Mexican Drug Cartels Now Firing .50 Caliber Ammo At Our USBP Agents

Obama makes the Federal government a weapon against the American people but ignorance and apathy remain high. What does it take to wake enough of us up to smell the anti-American hostility that this destructive, treasonous, … 1,115 more words

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Moral Equivalency-Hamas vs Israel

There is a great column by Dennis Prager on Townhall.com titled, The Jewish State in a Morally Sick World.

In the article Prager discusses the concept of moral equivalency as it relates to the ongoing struggles between Israel and Hamas as well as the Islamic States that support Hamas. 436 more words

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