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Marc Jampole: Sanitizing Evil

Like the Nazis & other evil-doers, American torture apologists use language to sanitize evil

How do we know that those who are defending the American torture program under the presidency of George W. 701 more words

Social Justice

It Must Be Done!

Your cute adorable puppy you love so much has rabies.

The puppy must be put to sleep.

A wolf is killing your sheep.

The wolf must be killed. 74 more words


Taliban Attack at Pakistan School Kills at Least 141

Another day, another terrorist atrocity.

Oh well, who cares.

Pakistan’s people do not.

Terrorists kill your family; you mourn and do nothing.

Your neighbor’s family was killed; your family could be next and you do nothing. 54 more words


Tom Engelhardt: The Torture Wars

It came from the top and that’s never been a secret. The president authorized the building of those CIA “black sites” and the use of what came to be known as “enhanced interrogation techniques” and has spoken of this with a certain pride. 812 more words

Opinion Leaders

Terrorism Comes to Sydney

Terrorism is spreading; both in quantity and geography.

It is going to continue to spread.

No one will be safe; women and children will not be spared. 115 more words


Lewis Turco: Burning the News

The fire is eating
the paper. The child who drowned
is burned. Asia is in flames.
As he signs his great
bill, a minister of state chars… 108 more words

Social Justice