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Saturday, 30th August, 2014

Tough At The Top

     The forthcoming NATO summit is nearly upon us.   The protesters are already upon us.

The summit will take place in Newport and, it’s said, thousands of protesters are going to stay in a specially created camp at Tredegar Park.   355 more words

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Wrapping prejudice and bigotry of any kind in a red, black, and green flag does not “launder” it. Rather it stains the flag and its meaning.


NBC News is in shock as star Investigative Reporter quits

Grossly underpaid at $600,000 per year, star Investigative Reporter Chelsea Clinton quit her job with NBC News.  NBC News executives were in total shock and unable to comment. 34 more words

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How democracy in South Africa is being nursed along

Following the publication of my post yesterday about the ANC’s shocking understanding of democracy, it has occurred to me that democracy is being kept alive on life support. 144 more words

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Patriotism, Business, and Political Points of View

What is patriotism? What is the first image that pops into your head? For people of my end of the generation, born pre to 1970, the vast majority will have images of the flag, Statue of Liberty, the Norman Rockwell paintings of patriots marching in a colonial day parade, etc. 1,023 more words

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reid says when the president gets a plan in place for isis in syria congress may give okay

making it known that it will take time for the u.s can not just march troops into syria to take care of isis for the president stated still forming and deciding the best course of how to handle isis in syria which the president ideal thing would be the u.s forming and helping a coalition of the countries isis is threating by as one susggest arm like the kurds in iraq and also train the troops. 126 more words

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Call Off The Referendum. This Is No Good

Call Off The Referendum. This Is No Good:

You will receive your postal ballot papers. On them is a desperate plea to return them immediately. Big mistake if you do. 102 more words

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