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senate plans on a vote to over turn citizen united. again repubs will try and stop it

and while the clock ticks down before congress runs for a break again. even as the one big thing looks more and more is passing the bill to fix the v.a as the house is getting ready to vote on it after they okayed fully the assnine laswsuit against the president . 156 more words

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Basket case: living costs

I’ve found another reason to skip the country. Day-to-day living costs remain lower in France than in Britain, a new study has shown. In fact, if you leave aside energy bills, life on the other side of the Channel is much cheaper than at home. 185 more words

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Fear and Loathing in the Gaza Strip

by Cygnus

The Israeli state is now responding obediently to the rabid colonist chants of ‘Death to the Arabs’ and to the graffiti around al-Quds that in English and Hebrew reads ‘Gas the Arabs’. 1,301 more words


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July 30, 2014 (4791-07302014)

In yet another of the very same repeated and truthfully documented criminal acts of “revenge” and that of “revenge motivated crimes” and criminal activity against the soul and his people and I explicitly because of the fact that I again, as recent as yesterday Tuesday, July 29, 2014 innocently composed a letter of true testimony truthfully “telling on them” which in truth is that of truthfully and accurately baring true witness against them for the crimes which they knowingly committed against the soul and his people and I which I know damn good and well ANY true and reputable courtroom attorney and or justice would in fact prosecute them each for, … 1,906 more words

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houe preparing to vote for v.a bill and then the senate race to get it done before the running

given how the clock is ticking down before congress is going to run again till sept. one thing both the house and senate are now planning to finish at least with boehmer and reid saying they plan on sending the president the .va bill by some time this week even if its the last thing they do.with the house getting ready to vote on the bill which has bipartisian support from both sides . 167 more words

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Is Killing Civilians Part of Israel’s plan?

By Jonathan Cook

Global Research, July 30, 2014


In-depth Report: PALESTINE



Another day, another UN school hit by Israeli shelling in Gaza. Israel’s attack this morning killed at least 16 civilians sheltering at the school and wounded dozens. 280 more words

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