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Sony's "The Interview"

Alrighty, so you guys probably heard all about the situation with that movie that’s supposed to be out on Christmas day, right? The Interview was apparently scrapped by Sony. 174 more words

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網上面, 個個人都做到好似時事評論員, 熱烈討論其實係冇用, 要想辦法去改變香港嘅制度!!!


The Coalition: The Plan, 1

The phone rang just as Ron and Cheryl counted down the last few seconds of their 5 minute wait.  Before Ron had a chance to speak, O-Man’s voice came through telling him to not say a word but to listen carefully. 962 more words

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Barack and Kim Jong Tom enjoy a Cuban cigar at screening of "The Interview"

Celebrating his latest Executive Order coup, Barack O’TomA and Kim Jong Tom enjoyed their Cuban cigars as “the Interview” played.  Barack mentioned to Kim Jong Tom how this was such sweet revenge after reading emails with Sony Pictures Chair Amy Pascal’s hard-hitting review of his movie preferences. 54 more words

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congress mixed over news that cuba and the usa will have relations again.

and as expected news that cuba and the u.s thanks to help from the pope will be normalizing relations after so long including opening an embassy letting people travel and for most making it so one can bring a cuban cigar home legaly even though to most the fun was trying to nab the forbbiden fruit.  78 more words

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#PeshawarAttack; Good, Bad and Holy Terrorists- a Dirty Pak Game

When twitter was buzzing with #Indiawithpakistan hashtag and govt and people of India were showing solidarity with people of Pakistan mourning the barbaric murders of innocent school children, PM of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif was declaring war against GOOD and BAD TALIBANS and wanted terrorist Hafiz Saeed and Gen Musharraf was blaming India and threatening revengeful terrorists’ attacks. 1,060 more words

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