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amidst so many tragedies...

Many of us in the United States have heard differing theories surrounding the late princess Diana’s death. Tabloid journalism also supports the rumors that get passed on as though they are reliable and conclusive – though containing maybe an ounce of truth. 423 more words

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next for congress trying to fix the v.a both house and senate have bills up for vote soon

and right after the full house finishes voting to okay boehmer sueing the president. next for both the house and senate are bills that will finaly fix the v.a and the vets health care system mainly try and make sure that the v.a gives the care the vets deserve and also that vets mostly can not have such a wait trying to make an appoint some wind up croaking and the v.a covers it up.  129 more words

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Weird news story of the week: I see it in the stars

Welcome back to the place where I give you a run down of some of the weird and wonderful news stories that have caught my eye over the past week.


Ed Miliband launches Labour's summer campaign by talking about how weird he is

Ed Miliband today launched Labour’s summer campaign, because you know you got to keep campaigning and rallying support for the party, especially when there is a general election in less than a year and you aren’t as popular as you had hoped.

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Texas Governor Rick Perry acts, draws outcry from amnesty advocates

The characteristic that has been patently absent at our Texas border with Mexico is that there is a protected zone that cannot be penetrated by human migrations-one with an authoritative presence The Obama administration may intend that perception,and reality,however that is not the law. 186 more words

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Hen packed: organic recycling

I feel a strongly worded letter coming on. Brighton has Britain’s only Green MP, which you might imagine would put the city at the forefront of environmental initiatives. 235 more words

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Is a Pet Dog Really Killed by a Police Officer Every 98 Minutes?

Meter readers and postal employees are equipped with mace to protect themselves from dog attacks. In the past, so were police officers or they called in animal control officers from the local shelter. 759 more words

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