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The BRICS Bank: Next Stop On The Road To World Currency

by Anthony Migchels on August 20, 2014

(Above/Left: For the time being, China still allows Putin the center position.)

Far from being ‘the end of the NWO’, the ongoing decline and coming collapse of the US Empire and its Petrodollar are the Money Power’s key goal in her age old drive to World Government. 2,976 more words

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repeal health care fading from repubs play book now repubs start to stop screaming dems new key

and  at long last after 52 and so tries of wasting time trying to repeal it  and also now knowing if they do finaly do they would wind up being painted as the party bound and determine to take away health care including in their own states from the millions who now have it under the act. 118 more words

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Kim Tom-un destroys John Kerry with comments

Dear North Korea Leader and style icon Kim Tom-un blasted Secretary of State John Kerry calling him a “wolf with a hideous lantern jaw”.

John Kerry was heard to say that he had been called worse namely a windsurfer.  18 more words

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An Open Letter to the Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister,

Some of us are dismayed at the news of your reluctance to send troops to protect the hapless people from the hands of the marauding ISIS. 709 more words

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Riots in Ferguson: A Step Closer to Insurrection

Editor’s note: this is a re-post from The Anti-Media, authored by Justin King and licensed under a creative commons license.

Many question the moral authority of the rioting in Ferguson that was triggered by yet another killing of an unarmed teen. 1,041 more words

Reflections on what Media showed me about the World I live in this week.

Reflections on what Media showed me about the World I live in this week.

(pictures reflect a side of life you won’t see in media) 1,350 more words

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Governor Perry of Texas deserves credit for sending the Texas National Guard to the Border to stem illegal immigration

This is in response to Dave Starr’s letter published in the Sun tiled “Perry sent guard as political stunt” ,which in turn responded to my letter dated July 31,2014 titled “Perry makes right move along border”.. 380 more words

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