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A few years ago I thought we couldn’t have a president worse than George W. Bush.  I was wrong.  W has to be smiling now because Obama actually makes him look good. 206 more words

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October 20, 2014 (4825-10202014)

Something else truly important to take notice of, as recent as yesterday Sunday, October 19, 2014 GMT – 08 Hours and again this very morning today Monday, October 20, 2014 GMT – 08 Hours, the very same one and only… 362 more words

News And Politics

It is with "an abundance of caution" that I write this

Political, government and corporate speak are merging to the horror of the population.

How many times have we heard “We take (insert name of screw up) seriously.  88 more words

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October 20, 2014 (4824-10202014)

In addition to the absolute provable fact that the very same one and only group of cowards of the group of life-long habitual career criminals of the habitually uncouth and disgustingly filthy harlot and her habitually uncouth and disgustingly filthy accomplice drug addict friends are in fact STILL cowardly using the very same variety of electrical and electronic equipment and devices and very possibly even the electronic camera and various slides (“slides” as in glass slides used to see subatomic particles and matter under the lens of a microscope) AND very possibly even various other items and devices which I have not yet discovered has been cowardly electronically connected directly to and or upon the living aura and various living chakras of soul known to be emanating from MY flesh and bone body (my aura) to simply… 1,273 more words

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Look like the Paedophiles have won

That I think what the from the PR Police for the waste full NCA been said

Keith Bristow, the director general of the National Crime Agency (NCA) said it was an “uncomfortable” reality that some of the 50,000 people who accessed indecent images of children each year would not end up in the criminal justice system. 147 more words

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one more target and issue of south dakotas senate battle education rounds saying do away with dept

and typical even with two weeks to go thankfuly now. rounds would prove to be following the old repubs way of thinking the paul ryan way by saying that he would move if he wins to repeal the department of education . 74 more words

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Joko Widodo (Jokowi), President Elect
Jusuf Kalla (JK), Vice President Elect
The Result of 2014 Indonesian Presidential Election…
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