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FDA approves Honey Buns as Nutritious

Has the FDA declared honey buns and sodas along with candy and many other unhealthy foods and drinks to be nutritious? Are they listed on the government nutrition chart? 275 more words

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What does democracy mean in Britain?

Britain undergoes periods of democratic introspection about once every decade but what is often a frenzy of calls for constitutional change quickly subsides and the country returns to its normal state of constitutional lassitude.  549 more words

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Murder is Murder, Except When It Is Not

As I write this, a large scale manhunt is under way in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania for Eric Frein. Frein allegedly ambushed two Pennsylvania state police, killing one and seriously wounding the other. 414 more words


senate fails again to get woman some equel pay repubs block senate try again.

and thus congress once again now finishes it work till after the midterms with one big thing still unfinished besides a minium wage raise since the repubs in the senate blocked it again even attached to a must pass bill. 81 more words

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Iowa GOP should drop Straw Poll?

A week ago the Register had a really asinine guest piece from an ISU political science professor suggesting the Iowa GOP should drop straw Poll. I wonder if the authors of these pieces realize how stupid they sound? 376 more words

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The ISIL War

The Islamic inspired radicalization of Americans is now spreading at an alarming rate. The rate of radicalization and the threat to America is rapidly advancing aided by social media,the Internet ,cinematography and lucrative financial resources. 271 more words

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President endangers American population with his decision on African Ebola aid

Struggling,even refusing, to send US troops to the Middle East to combat the deadly terrorist threat of ISIS, the President swiftly agrees to send 3,000 US troops to Africa to support the efforts to combat the highly lethal and contagious Ebola. 127 more words

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