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This Is Your Brain On Neil deGrasse Tyson

Fans of eminent astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson are a clever bunch. At least one of them figured out that if you slow down video footage of him speaking, you get a rather odd and entertaining effect: the scientist appears to be baked like a cake…stoned to the bejesus. 93 more words

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Just Published on The Judges’ Page—Family Drug Treatment Courts Articles

Just published—Over 20 articles concerning Family Drug Treatment Courts
Summer 2014, The Judges’ Page Newsletter, The National CASA Association

The Judges’ Page Newsletter of the National CASA Association has just published about 20 articles on Family Drug Treatment Courts. 15 more words

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Craig Cutler, Nadav Kander, and Art Streiber featured in Communication Arts' new Photography Annual

Congratulations to Craig Cutler, Nadav Kander, and Art Streiber, all of whom are featured in Communication Arts‘ 2014 Photography Annual119 more words

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Zoom out for better vision

Freedom of speech is tricky. And I’m not talking now about corruption/gates keepers/capital owners. I’m talking about being in the field and genuinely believing that what you see is what you get, context irrelevant. 219 more words

Dahabshiil offices closed for skipping payment to al-Shabaab

Somali news outlets reported on July 12 that several Dahabshiil offices in southern Somalia were ordered to close after the money transfer company failed to make required “sako” payments to the al-Shabaab terrorist organization. 161 more words

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Stop being racist: on articulating racial discourses

By Eloi Ribe (Staff Writer) 

A new fashion is in town. It’s reminiscent of the trends of previous decades but it has something new; it’s catchy and being adopted by many: its racism! 1,939 more words