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Aereo CEO: Don't Blame Us Because We Built A Better Antenna

Next Tuesday, lawyers for the nation’s broadcast networks and streaming video startup Aereo will square off in front of the U.S. Supreme Court in a case where a victory by either side carries with it potentially huge implications for everything from over-the-air TV to all cloud-based technology. 772 more words

Siete pistas sobre el futuro del imperio de Rupert Murdoch

La revista ‘Fortune’ publica este mes una interesante entrevista con Rupert Murdoch. La primera de ese calibre  que concede el magnate australiano desde 2009 y una de las mas interesantes por sus palabras sobre la prensa, la inversión digital y su sucesión. 897 more words


Who Owns the Media?

Newspapers and television news broadcasts still form a large part of peoples’ news intake. However, the amount of diversity pertaining to these is disappointingly small. In Australia, News Corp (owned by Rupert Murdoch) owns The Daily Telegraph and various other newspapers – overall, … 508 more words


Asset stripping: the end of subbing

There is only one destination left for subeditors on newspapers now and that destination is extinction. At many Fairfax, News Corp and APN newspapers, subeditors have been outsourced (2007 onwards to Pagemasters), they have been offshored (2012 onwards to Fairfax Editorial Services in New Zealand) and now they are being eliminated completely. 758 more words

Rupert Murdoch Talks Ex-Wife, the MySpace Blunder, and His 2016 Presidential Pick

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch recently sat down for a wide-ranging interview with Fortune magazine, his first extended press interview since 2009. He had a busy 2013, spinning off Wall Street Journal parent News Corp. 358 more words

Why Does It Matter Who Controls The Media?

Rupert Murdoch. For many, this man represents the abuse of excessive media power. At the head of News Corp, he has control of several newspapers including: the  341 more words


Rupert Murdoch on his divorce, succession, and his empire's future

In his first wide-ranging interview in five years, Rupert Murdoch talks about remaking his business, luring back his son Lachlan, divorcing Wendi Deng, and moving beyond a very trying past few years. 785 more words