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News Corp by its fingertips: Rupert Murdoch's Australian newspapers eye the abyss

Two questions emerge in the aftermath of Paddy Manning’s remarkable revelations in Crikey (here) of the disastrous fall in earnings at News Corp Australia in 2013: why did News Corp take so long to disclose what had happened; and what happened next? 1,391 more words

News Corp is Murdoch's Australian Tweet

We have seen the collective power of News Corp in action when the Daily Telegraph,The Herald Sun  The Courier Mail and Australian set out to get Rudd and do it for Tony. 800 more words

Five things this whole The Oz fiasco should prompt you to consider

The term ‘play thing’, is that negative?

Yes, yes it is. It means one man is dictating the content of the most widely read publication in the country. 243 more words


A special kind of stupid!

A special kind of stupid!

This poem follows on from my last post, “Tony, we’re over you, your lies and your stupid bloody slogans!”, where the phrase “Special kind of stupid” first made its presence felt   :wink:   and it was while writing that post, that I also started writing this poem   :shock: 704 more words

By Truth Seeker

Murdoch: 'More Fergusons' Will Take Place in U.S. Unless 'Major Changes' Happen

FERGUSON, Mo. (CBS St. Louis/AP) — News Corp chairman Rupert Murdoch warns that “more Fergusons” could take place across the nation as violent protests enter its second week following the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown. 724 more words


News Corp out Labor leader Bill Shorten as suspect in rape investigation by Victoria police

News Corp has in effect named Bill Shorten in The Australian newspaper on Saturday (16/8/14) as the suspect in the Victoria police rape investigation regarding a senior ALP member. 863 more words

Bill Shorten

A Job Must Exist In New York City For Me To Get Paid To Obsess Over Web Stats

By Shelton Bumgarner

The job I want is to do exactly what I do now — obsess over Web stats and then use what I learn to give me some direction as to what I write. 339 more words