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Parachutes for civilian plane passengers a possibility with development of world's lightest material

A parachute can be reduced to the weight and size of a shirt, according to the Chinese scientist who developed the lightest material on earth with cutting-edge nanotechnology. 13 more words

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Will Hong Kong accept universal suffrage in 2017, in hope of increased democracy later?

Government officials hope to use the weight of public opinion and the prospect of a more democratic electoral system in future to press moderate pan-democrats to accept a model for the 2017 chief executive election that does not guarantee a real choice between candidates. 13 more words

Good riddance to bad rubbish: 15 tonnes of Husi food supplied to McDonald's buried in Hong Kong landfill

Some 15 tonnes of food products imported to Hong Kong by a supplier at the centre of a rotten meat scandal were buried in the West New Territories Landfill on Tuesday. 12 more words

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Dreadlock tutorial

Finally getting back to youtube. This time with a tutorial on how make a convincing dreadlock cosplay wig. 

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PLA's drills may help Shinzo Abe's cause to lift ban on army, expert says

China’s massive live-firing drills, while meant to be a warning to Japan for lifting its 60-year-old military ban, may instead serve to further Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s cause to normalise the army, an expert says. 12 more words

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Targeted measures to spur growth

China will use targeted measures to achieve reasonable growth, the ruling Politburo has said.

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Travellers turn to trains as military drills delay flights

Together with another airport in Pudong, at least 71 flights from the two Shanghai airports were cancelled as the People’s Liberation Army began an exercise on the southeast coast. 13 more words

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