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All Female Cast Chosen For Ghost Busters!

And all female cast has been confirmed  for The remake of The Ghostbuster movie. Starring comedians Melisa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon. All The women involved are current and former Saturday Night Live  members.

source: detroitnews.com

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Taylor Lautner Is Dating Model Raina Lawson: Cute New Couple

Taylor has allegedly imprinted on a new lady love! The 22-year-old hunk is reportedly dating model Raina Lawson. The ‘Twilight’ star, who recently became single again, is already off the market — what a tease! 318 more words

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Nikki Reed: Why She Wants A Face-To-Face Dinner With Nina Dobrev

Nikki wants to have a face-to-face dinner with her fiancé’s ex-girlfriend and his current co-star, Nina Dobrev! Does she have an intervention in the works because Nina and Ian we getting affectionate on set? 415 more words

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Justin Bieber Apologizes To Fans For Being 'Arrogant' & 'Conceited' -- New Video

Justin Bieber poured his heart out to his fans in a video posted on Jan. 28, during which he says ‘I’m not who I was pretending to be’ for the last year or two. 476 more words

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'Pretty Little Liars': Entire Cast Knows 'A's Identity & Who's In The Barrel

Who’s in the barrel? Who is ‘A’? These are just a few of the questions that run through the minds of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ fans on a daily basis. 363 more words

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'Minions' Super Bowl Teaser: See The Cutest Football Fans -- Watch

So adorable! It’s a sea of single-celled yellow organisms in the ‘Minions Super Fans Spot,’ which will air on Super Bowl Sunday. Trust us: the Minions’ dedication to football is anything but despicable! 270 more words

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'Empire' Recap: The Cookie Strikes Back

New alliances were made and old ones were broken on the Jan. 28 episode of ‘Empire.’ In fact, we’re no longer even sure of who’s sabotaging whom anymore. 1,448 more words

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