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ROUND-UP: Surrey celebrates National Libraries Day, Egham High Street consultation

Surrey celebrates National Libraries Day

Libraries across Surrey are holding events to celebrate National Libraries Day on Saturday 7 February.

Guildford Library is running sessions to guide people through the world of… 82 more words

Surrey County Council

Ohio Man Arrested Over Terrorism Plan To Bomb D.C.

Christopher Cornell of Cincinnati, Ohio, was arrested for terrorism related plans to bomb the USA Capitol Building and shoot government officials. His formal charges are… 316 more words


Children Die In House Fire As Mother Was Away Getting Hair Done

A Louisiana woman has been charged with negligent homicide after her home caught fire, killing her two children, while she was away getting her hair done. 219 more words

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Teen Who Was Being Booked Alerts Police Of Other Officer Having Heart Attack

Jamal Rutledge, a teen, was arrested for burglary, probation violation, and criminal mischief. He was being booked for the charges when Officer Franklin Foulks collapsed to the floor having a heart attack. 121 more words


Toxic Leak Suspected On ISS Causes Emergency Situation For Crew

A toxic leak was detected in the USA section of the ISS and forced the American astronauts to seal off their module and move to the Russian area. 154 more words


News In Brief

September 2014

Scotland votes No on independence

With 55% of Scotland voting “No,” and a total of 3,619,915 votes cast, the United Kingdom will remain intact for the moment. 109 more words

New Species Of Marine Reptile Found In Scotland

A 170 million year old fossil has been found and named on the Scottish Isle of Skye. The marine reptile has been named Dearcmhara shawcrossi, Gaelic origin. 173 more words