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CAMPUS CRIME: Delaware Student Caught Filming Ladies' Bathroom

A University of Delaware student set up a series of hidden video cameras in a woman’s bathroom, and recorded over two years worth of footage. 234 more words


Stripper Uses Tow Truck As Pole To Try And Save Her Car [VIDEO]

We were thinking just the other day about how simple our lives would be if we were beautiful blonde strippers. Now, we’re not so sure–or at least not so sure about how easy life is for a blonde stripper in Russia. 107 more words


Ricky Gervais Has Major Beef With Louis C.K.-And More Morning Links

Ricky Gervais and Louis C.K. are both in the running for the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, but according to our friends over at… 131 more words


Ohio State's Band Director Fired Over Sexual Hazing Culture [VIDEO]

Ohio State band director Jonathan Waters lost his job after an investigation revealed that his students ran a weird series of sexually driven hazing rituals. 278 more words


Stuff The Intern Forgot: The New Beer Pong Ball Cleaner & More [Links]

Beer Pong Balls Are Disgusting, Now You Can Clean Them

Here at the COED International Headquarters there is an ongoing debate as to whether beer pong should be played with beer in the cups or water in the cups, so you don’t have to drink dirty beer. 155 more words


Here's How A 23-Foot Long Python Gets Its Yearly Physical [VIDEO]

Our doctor says that our python is so big that it requires a special yearly physical all on its own. In a similar case, there’s the amiably-named J.F., who’s a 23-foot-long reticulated python at the Chester Zoo in the UK.  152 more words