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The Damning Of A President

As I’ve often stated here, there are plenty of valid reasons to be critical of Barack Obama’s performance as President. But so much of the mud being slung at him is filled with bullshit. 125 more words

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20 Alternative Media Outlets for You to Use

Occupy.Com has compiled a list of 20 alternative media outlets to help balance the news you hear (or don’t hear) from the mainstream media.

The New Media Movement Is Here: 20 News Sites Kicking Our Generation Into Action… 513 more words


Journalist Held Captive In Syria Arrives In US

BOSTON (AP) – Journalist Peter Theo Curtis returned home to the United States on Tuesday, two days after being freed by a Syrian extremist group that held him hostage for 22 months, his family said. 294 more words


The "Black Community" Isn't a Hive Mind

It would be great if people would stop rushing to draw arbitrary connections between the sentiments of the few black people they see in the news with the so-called “black community” as a whole. 71 more words


Turn It Off...

The world sure seems like it’s going to hell in a hand basket doesn’t it? Turn on the news and things get worse. Listen to the radio and catch the news minute and you wind up feeling like crap. 546 more words


Sensitive Issue

It seems I never have time to sit down and compose my thoughts lately.  It all started with the suicide of Robin Williams.  Once it was plastered all over the news and social media that he took his own life, people started excusing it.  770 more words


New York Times Comes under Fire for Declaring Michael Brown to Be “No Angel” in Its Profile Article of the Dead Teenager

 By Elaine Magliaro

The New York Times has come under fire for an article that it published yesterday about the life of Michael Brown—the unarmed teenager who was killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, recently. 747 more words

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